Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DickHard's Wednesday Line:

Three innings pitched, five hits, four walks, four earned, 92 pitches (though he did have 8 strikeouts), for a Suppan-esque WHIP of 3.00. Yowza.

Any question that he pulls a Chris Carpenter and goes on the DL tomorrow? I think the odds are probably 1:3.


EMoney said...

I hope not.....he's the rock that solidifies my fantasy pitching lineup. That a*hole! So much for fantasy domination. Maybe I should call that idiot at ESPN, Mr Roto, for some advice. Expert my ars!

Rubie Q said...

Cubs down four entering the ninth. Lee leads off with a homer. Fontenot walks, Johnson singles. And then Fontenot is thrown out trying to steal third. And Soto grounds into a double play.

That's the Cubs I know and love!