Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Official

Well the speculation has finally come to fruition. Pat Hazel, a 6'7" sophomore for the Marquette Golden Eagles, has officially announced his intentions to transfer at the end of the spring semester. Hazel is an athletic combination forward that had trouble finding playing time for the Golden Eagles during his short tenure at MU. He averaged roughly 2 minutes per game this past season, most of which came during the non-conference portion of the schedule when Marquette played the likes of Chicago St., Texas Southern, and UWM. It was obvious that Coach Williams didn't see Hazel as the future of Marquette basketball due to Pat's lack of playing time and the addition of 2 more combo-forwards (in addition to Lazar Hayward) that Buzz recruited for the fall class of '09. Furthermore Buzz recently added Darius Johnson-Odom, a juco transfer, that put MU over the scholarship limit by 1. This officially made it evident that a roster shake-up was on the horizon. It's rumored that Coach Williams is still looking to add one more player for the '09 class, so keep an eye out for more changes/additions in the near future.

Ring Out Ahoya!

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Rubie Q said...

"An athletic combination forward"? That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about Pat Hazel.