Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Like Yo Last Night...

I don't have my best stuff, but I'm battling. Then again, when MikeHunt does a chat, things get considerably easier for your pal Rubie:

W.A.M., Milwaukee, WI. - Michael, If Jeff Suppan continues to be ineffective, how long do you think it will take the Brewers management to take hime out of the rotation? We can't let Suppan destroy our team too much longer or we will never recoup. You're thoughts? Thank you.

Friends -- note the chatter's question: If Soup continues his trend of 3-inning, 5-run efforts, how long will the Crew stick with him? Pretty straightforward, right? Answers we'd accept include: "two more games," "until the All-Star break," "for the rest of the year," and "until a fan takes matters into his own hands and brains Suppan with a 9-volt as he walks out to the mound."

A: Michael Hunt
- ... They've got to get him correctly quickly or take him out of the rotation before long because they hit and scored plenty enough runs in his two starts, only to have both undermined by his control problems.

Or you could just rephrase the chatter's question and not answer it all. Awesome.

Q: Big Al, Brew Town - Mike, If we could get Jake Peavy in exchange for Manny Parra, Tony Gwynn,Jr and that Escobar guy, would you do it? The Brewers have to do something fast. We have no decent pitching.

Remember when TGJ got put on waivers? And nobody claimed him? And I wrote that the fact that nobody claimed him should put an end to the debate about how good TGJ is ... but probably wouldn't?

Well, I'd like to thank Big Al for driving my point home. Seriously -- how do people continue to include TGJ as a bargaining chip in a trade proposal? Once again, with feeling: NOBODY WANTS HIM. NOT ONE SINGLE TEAM.

A: Michael Hunt
- There's a fine line between winning now and giving up too much.

And if you want to see somebody try to walk both sides of that line, you're in the right place.

Giving up Parra and Escobar is too much, in my opinion. No question, Peavy is this year's CC.

Er, no. While each was/is trade bait, Peavy's situation is nothing like CC's was last year. Peavy has a huge deal -- like, $16 million per -- that runs through 2012, with a $22 million player option for 2013. CC was in his last season before free agency. We could afford -- barely -- to rent CC for four months. It would take a massive reorganization to assume Peavy's deal. For the next two years, we'd have roughly $30 million (about one-third of our payroll) tied up in two pitchers: Peavy and Suppan. I don't think I'm comfortable with that.

Patrick, Chicago, IL
- 0-2..thats what the crew has already given up early this year. Can we now push the panic button as we all know that superman Trevor is still yet to be a factor and will most likely not have that great of an impact on our overal W vs L. My question is, as an owner of this team, what would you recommend doing to fix an already bleeding pitching staff(Ouch...Soup..overpaid...ouch Galldro...some ace) in recognition that this tem is already in peril? would you put Fielder on the block?

Two thoughts: Pat, holy fuck. Second: as I understand it, the way these "chat" things work, people submit a bunch of questions, and MikeHunt gets to pick the ones he wants to answer. What in the name of God would possess you to answer this one?

A: Michael Hunt
- ... There's not a lot they can do at the moment with the rotation except try to let them work through it. It's easy to say "trade Fielder,"

... "In fact, I've done so at least twice" ...

especially if you could find a starting pitcher, because you could stick just about anyone (Rivera?) at first. But who's going to hit behind Braun? That's the big risk, in effect taking two powerful hitters out of one of the NL's better offenses.

"And yet, I continue to advocate the move. I keep you on your toes, don't I?"

Ben, Waukesha, WI - Mr. Hunt With the recent news of Lambeau Field being conisdered for a World Cup venue, along with few noticing Camp Randall Stadium made the list, what do you make of this surge in soccer interest from the USSF? Would you think they would make the changes to Lambeau to make it wide enough? And you can't tell me having Mark Murphy on the Chicago 2016 board isn't helping either.

A: Michael Hunt
- I know I'm going to shock a few people here, Ben,

I say this in all sincerity, MikeHunt: there is nothing you could say about yourself that would shock me. You could tell me that you're a Level 18 Dungeon Master. You could tell me that you're into amputee pr0n. You could tell me that you own every album Bread released. You could tell me that your favorite food is yak scrotum. To each of these revelations, I would shrug and respond: "That's about right."

but I'm a closet soccer fan. I know that's kind of risky, sort of like saying you listen to Rush or ABBA, but I find myself gravitating toward those places that show the Premier League at the crack of dawn.

How is this a risky revelation? For God's sake, you're a fucking sportswriter, and you're telling us you like a sport! SCANDAL! OUTRAGE! You expect people are going to blush when they find that out?

And, let's end where we began:

Tom Michaels, Waukesha - Was Bill Castro the right move as pitching coach? I know it's very early, but I don't like what I see from the Brewer staff - or Castro. Do you?

Again -- note the question: Admittedly, it's early. But was Bill Castro the right choice as pitching coach?

A: Michael Hunt
- It's way to early to say.

MikeHunt will give an answer when he's good and damn ready, thankyouverymuch. Don't you dare come into this chat expecting to get your questions answered, jerkoffs.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I am absolutely stumped by Patrick's question. 0-2. What does that mean? We didn't start the season 0-2. We aren't 0-2 in save situations. What is going on here?

I just read it again and I don't get it. I then went and read the real chat in case you paraphrased it... but you didn't.

People are stupid.

On a positive note... the word verification was yackedo. That's a funny word. Yackedo.

FPMKE said...

I wonder if Big Al considered the possibility of shipping TGJ, Bill Hall, and Rickie Weeks to San Diego for Peavey. Now THAT'S a package that could work out!

Yackedo... I like it... sounds like it could be used as a synonym for vomit.