Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Musings from the Llama

This was posted on the Llama blog yesterday, so the stats I use are through Tuesday's games.

The Brewers are 2-6 and trending towards a fate that only the Texas Rangers know. So far the pitching is not there and the Brewers are dying by the slugfest instead of living like what was hoped for. The Brewers are just not a pretty sight to watch right now. Remember Brewers fans[COMMA!] we still have 22 and [A!} half weeks left on [IN!] this season [COMMA!] so please do not jump ship just yet. Although going 7-for-49 with runners in scoring position over the last seven games is not the way to start. It does not help that the pitching staff has issued a league-high 42 free passes on base. Mike Cameron put it best as to how the start of this season is going.

Um, what does that first line mean? Let me take a stab at it. Is he saying the Rangers are a bad team? Yes, but so are the Pirates. The Rangers have a great offense but no pitching? Well, isn’t that every team in the majors? I’m out of other ideas, maybe the rest of the paragraph will enlighten me. Oh, I guess he means option #2. The Brewers are apparently losing in slugfests. Let’s define slugfest, folks. A slugfest is a baseball term wherein both teams’ offenses score more than the league average in runs. Slugfests were popularized by the 1928 Yankees, 1990s Detroit Tiger pitching, steroids and Coors Field. A quick check of enlightens us with knowledge that the Brewers are 24th in runs, 29th in BA but a robust 21st in OPS. Yep, it appears the Crew has been involved in several “slugfests.” Next point from the llama - never fear Crew fans because the season is long, but remember that they can’t hit with RISP or avoid issuing walks. I won’t even make a joke about “42 free passes on base.”

"It's the simple basics. Starts with good pitching and after that it is just a matter of getting some timely hits. Getting some guys on base. Giving ourselves an opportunity. It seems like it has been the other way around. It has been backwards," Cameron explained after the 6-1 loss to the Reds.

A limp out of the gate has a lot of heads being scratched and some early worry (COMMA!) but is the team losing confidence?

"We just have to continue to put it together," Cameron said. "We just really haven't put it together. Once you start getting a little bit of a flow of the game, guys start to build a little bit more confidence then things will start to iron out a little bit better. We do have a good baseball team. We just haven't shown it quite as well."

Well, thank you captian (SPELLING!) obvious! Although Cameron--who has been around this game and then some--did point out that it just takes a couple hits here and there and things could change in a heartbeat. So please remember a 2-6 start does not mean screaming [COMMA!] [QUOTATION MARKS!] [CAPITALIZATION!] you sunk my battleship [QUOTATION MARKS!] on the Brewers' season.

Let’s follow the logic. Welter leads by saying that “Cameron put it best” and then follows up Cameron’s vanilla quote with “Thanks captain obvious!” Except he spelled “captain” wrong, I didn’t. Then he follows that by reiterating that the season isn’t over. It’s like I’m on the Raging Bull here, folks, somebody hand over the Pepto.

One guy who could see his role sunk as the place holder for Trevor Hoffman is Carlos Villanueva. It was the second game in a row in which he gave up runs when called upon to protect the Brewers' best interests in the ninth. Brewers manager Ken Macha did hint he may not be so patient with Villanueva in the ninth inning role.

"Certainly [Todd] Coffey, [Seth] McClung, and [Mark] DiFelice have kind of pitched a little bit better than he has right now."

The major theme that came up after the 6-1 loss was how the team looked ready to go for this season during spring training but has been tough to watch in the first eight games. Maybe that is why this team is a little bit baffled by the 2-6 start.

"Much different results than what we getting in spring training," Macha said. "In spring training we played good defense. Pitching was very good. We swung the bats well. I'm hoping this is just a little dip and we can pull ourselves out of it."

So is the rest of the Milwaukee faithful who did not expect this bad of a limp out of the gate. Macha did admit he is just as surprised by this dreadful start. "We were kind of firing on all cylinders in spring training," Macha felt. "Prince was swinging the bat very well and the other guys. Yes, a little bit surprised [about the start]"

What might be really surprising to most fans is how Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun have really had some issues in the first eight games as both are hitting .190. Macha did not hide the fact that he thinks they are both trying to do too much. "Ryan is struggling right now. Prince has been struggling a little bit. I think those guys are trying a little too hard."

“have really had some issues” Let’s go ahead and clean that up a bit for the Llama – “have had issues.” You know, paring down your extraneous word usage, actually using punctuation and eliminating nonsensical metaphors makes the reading experience so much more pleasurable for the audience.

Fielder did not exactly agree that the team or him [HE!] are pressing. "I think we are just trying to get that 'feel good' and just feel good out there and sometimes you got to gradually get into it."

Well, [HOLY MOTHER OF NED YOST, THE LLAMA USED A COMMA!!] slow and steady may win the race but Brewers fans are not going to put up with taking your sweet time.


Rubie Q said...

You TOTALLY missed the point of the first line:

The Brewers are 2-6 and trending towards a fate that only the Texas Rangers know.I can't believe you haven't heard this: Michael Young can predict the future. He's a modern day Tiresius. And Michael Young has soothsaid (I just made up a word) that the Brewers will go 76-86.

Rubie Q said...

God, I can't get enough! These lines tickled me:

"So far the pitching is not there and the Brewers are dying by the slugfest instead of living like what was hoped for."

A great use of the old axiom: "Live like the sword, die by the sword." Emmitt Smith would be proud of the way you matriculated that line.

Second: I love that the Llama chides Cameron for being "captian obvious" [sic-o-rama] with the "we're a good team but not playing like it" quote, but then lauds Cam's equally common sensical "it only takes a couple hits here and there to turn it around" line as tremendous insight.

Todd Welter is the gift that keeps on giving.

Devil's Threesome said...

What about this great post. Remember it's an entire post:

"It was just announced J.J. Hardy was removed from the starting lineup due to lower back stiffness. I will have more information as I get it as to how severe the injury is."

The smooth operator, Mr. Todd Welter. He writes like Buzz's talks: "I will have more information as I get it as to how severe the injury is." It's like I have to bounce up and down to read his stuff.

Finally, he never did give his readers (Rubie and I) more information on JJ. Way to go D-bag.