Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Welter Stupidity

On the occasion of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier, Todd Welter proposes that April 15 should be a national holiday. I doubt we need another banking holiday, but it's hard to say anthing remotely, tangentially bad about Robinson, so I won't delve into the whole article. I just have one quibble outside of the numerous grammatical errors.

I have read enough history to know that before Martin Luther King Jr. there was Jackie Robinson. Robinson faced just as much hate, denied opportunity, and the absolute worst in people and still put together a legendary career both statistically and as a humanitarian.

I really don't want to sound callous here, but Martin Luther King, Jr was shot and killed on a hotel balcony for his actions and beliefs. What Robinson faced in stadiums and in the clubhouse was deplorable, but he did not lose his life to it. You are an idiot Welter. An idiot of the highest order.

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