Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NFL Draft

The NFL draft really snuck up on me this year. I was hoping to post something regarding Packer needs, scouting reports, how TT sux, etc., but due to time constraints and the fact I will be away from the internet for the rest of the week, I thought I would throw together a little snippit. So first of all, what are Green Bay's biggest needs going into the 2009-2010 season? In my opinion, here are the top 5 needs going into next season:

1. Line Backer - GB is converting to a 3-4 from a 4-3, and it was already an area of little depth so this is a must in the early rounds.
2. Defensive Line - D-end/D-tackle.....take your pick. I'm no expert but I think that the middle man on the D-line is especially important in the 3-4 defense. Getting a talented DT that can anchor the line would be a great step in converting to the new system. Or is this the year that Justin Harrell FINALLY emerges as the player the TT hoped he could be (I'm not holding my breath).
3. Offensive Tackle - Clifton and Tauscher are getting old and injury prone. Further, I think this might be the last year of Clifton's deal. The Green Bay organization feels it has their quarterback of the future in Aaron Rodgers. I suggest they buy some insurance on his a** and invest in guys that can keep him off the ground.
4. Cornerback - The Woodson/Harris tandem has been solid, but like Clifton and Tauscher they aren't getting any younger and have an extensive injury history. We are an injury away from having a problem, so it might be wise to draft what might be our next starting CB.
5. Wide Receiver - I really don't think that we need another wideout at this point. I just have a hunch that since this is draft is alledgedly deep at the WR position, that ol' Ted will go with his "best available" in the 3rd/4th round and take a WR who will come in at #6 on our depth chart.

As far as who I think GB should take at #9, I am no college football expert, so I will leave that to the likes of D3 and Reid. I will of course give my opinion though. (I am going to think outside of the box a bit in this case) From all of the information that I have read, there are 2-3 "stud" offensive lineman that should go in the top 10. I say "2-3" because that headcase from Alabama could have been a legit #1 overall candidate until he decided to leave the combine without telling anyone, failed to show up to interviews, and put on some additional and unnecessary weight in the offseason. He's a risk, but has HUGE "Orlando Pace" upside.....or his it backside? Either way, if I'm GM and one of the 3 OL are available at #9, I take him. There are a select few elite tackles in the game, and if you have the opportunity to draft one that can protect your QB for a decade I say pull the trigger. If all 3 are off the board and BJ Raji (DT, Boston College) is still available I take him. If that fails, I predict Ted tries to trade down, but I would go with one of the pass rushing outside linebackers. There seems to be a plethora of solid linebackers that are about as good as each other, so when all else fails I suggest drafting a linebacker from Miami/Florida St./USC/Penn St.

So what do all of the experts here think? Agree with O-Tackle if available? The big question is whether or not Ted even keeps the pick. I'm going to set the over/under of times that Ted trades at 1.5.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I say defense is a huge need. We haven't done anything to improve a defense that cost us games last year. In fact, we are taking a chance on making the defense worse. There are some young o-line guys in camp already that they are "high" on. I'm sure they won't amount to anything, but who knows.

I say we tank this year and get McCarthy fired.

We can all have dreams.

Devil's Threesome said...

Sheets - have you always hated McCarthy? Just asking b/c you are more the supportive, nurturing type with coaches (and Rickie Weeks).

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I am the more nuturing type, but not with McCarthy. I'm old school hating McCarthy. Ask Reid, he is well aware of my dislike. I just didn't like the move hiring the offensive coordinator from the worst offensive team that season

I've got the backs of almost all athletes and coaches to a fault. Except for supreme douche McCarthy.

Devil's Threesome said...

ok, i thought that was the deal. That's damn funny.

Master Reid said...

The most important player in the Packers' draft could be Mark Sanchez. If he gets by Seattle at 4, he could potentially be there at 9. That could have some teams falling all over themselves to get up in front of San Fran to draft Sanchez. (Denver, I'm looking at you) If that happens, it could be well worth it to move down.

However, I'm with E, if one of those Tackles is there at 9 and there isn't a player that is going to make a huge impact on the defensive side, then I say take him. McShay has the Packers taking Andre Smith in his latest mock.