Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Musings from Miller Park Tonight

I just got home from watching the Brewers pick up another awesome win at Miller Park this evening, and there are a couple of points I wanted to make before Rubie makes 'em all before I even get up tomorrow. So, here's what I'm burning on...

-Holy balls can that Scherzer kid bring the heat. By all accounts the Brewers have a pretty good group of dead fastball hitters and they could barely touch this dude. Prince looked the most frustrated by it; striking out 3 times, including twice on fastballs that he knew were coming.

-Big ups to Suppan. Now that's how you "keep your team in the game." Yes I know that AZ is the perfect lineup for Suppan to face (a bunch of young, free swingers that have no problem expanding the strike zone and chasing bad pitches) but you still gotta give the guy credit. If he implodes yet again and gives up 3-4 runs early it completely changes the complexion of the game with Scherzer dealing like he was.

-I am really hoping that this is Rickie Weeks turning the corner. I have carried water for this dude for the last 4 years, he fucking owes me. Bag on him all you want for not taking more walks. I know you guys are really more "small ball" types, but fuck that. Almost everytime the guy is up he's putting a good swing on the ball. I say grip it, rip it, and keep coming up big for us Rick.

-I just realized that I have grown quite fond of Mike Cameron. We're not in man crush territory yet, but we can see it from here. The big hits speak for themselves, but the play that really sticks out for me was that ball in right-center that he caught in the 4th (I think it was the 4th). That ball was smoked and he broke instantly, took the perfect angle, accelerated to the ball and made the play look easy when it was anything but.

-Speaking of Cam's big hit in the 7th, was anyone as stunned as I was that the D'backs left Schoenweis in to face him? I was staring in the dugout waiting for Bob Melvin to come out and make the change, but he never came. Was he taking a shit or something? I had this image of him coming out of the can in a panic as he hears the crowd roar, fixing his belt and saying "What happened?" Then once he sees Cameron on 2nd base he begins berating his coaches, "I told you DON'T LET SCHOENWEIS FACE A RIGHTY! Weren't you listening? Damn this irritable bowel."

-I think something is off with the Miller Park radar gun this year. I think it might be reading a little hot. At one point during his 7th inning meltdown, Tom Gordon threw a pitch that registered at an even 400 mph!!! Now, Gordon has had so many surgeries that he essentially has a cyborg right arm now, but 400?? I don't even think that's safe. We may have to get someone over there to check the calibration on that gun.


Rubie Q said...

This "Bob Melvin taking a shit while the world burns" stuff is brilliant. The possibilities are endless:

"Boys, has anyone see the March JUGS laying around? No, not the April JUGS -- the March JUGS. The one with Misty Mountains on the cover. C'mon, guys -- you know Skip can't take a shit without JUGS. No, Davis, it's not down in the clubhouse. I was just down there. I'd dropped trou, and ...

"Hey, fucking hell! Is that Schoenweis? That fucker is still alive? And you left him in after he walked Fielder? Awwww, FUCK ..."

Devil's Threesome said...

"Hey, fucking hell! Is that Schoenweis? That fucker is still alive? And you left him in after he walked Fielder? Awwww, FUCK ..."

And that was AFTER Tom Gordon was resurrected. I figured it was a "Craig Monroe" moment, it had to be a new Tom Gordon. Alas, it was Flash. Anyone remember him as a Royal? I think he played on their title team in '85. Flash must be a big Don Denkinger fan. I digress...

Another nice win - this team has really impressed me over the past two weeks. The second and fourth best hitters are really struggling and the pitching has been spotty (yet improving) and the Crew is still 2 games over .500.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The pitch speed only messes up on the big board and does it a few times a game. The highest has been 800 mph! Wow.

Miller Park is using the new pitch tracking system that MLB likes. The pitch speed is coming off of that. Apparently the the new system and the old ass scoreboard system don't like to talk. It's always right on the ribbon boards though.