Monday, April 6, 2009

Things I'm Not Looking Forward To

I love baseball season, I love the Brewers and I love Miller Park. There are some things that drive me nuts. Consider this the Opening Day airing of grievances!! [Please note that I am guilty of most of these]
  • Declaring the Brewers dead early and often - for individual games and for the entire season
  • Retro gear
  • Freeway
  • "Jeff Suppan pitches to contact"
  • Johnny Estrada jerseys in all forms
  • Stadium sauce - totally overrated
  • Cub fans
  • "Small ball"
  • Packer garb at Miller Park
  • "JJ Makes Me Hardy" signs
  • The fat-ass d-bag that sat in front of us last year with the stupid foam Prince crown
  • Bobblehead days
  • Never cleaning the taps at Miller Park
  • That stupid-ass poorly placed merchandise shop behind home plate
  • Zone ripping off the Brewers by doing the "Designated Driver" free soda thing at every game
  • Jersey T-shirts
  • "Carlos Villanueva is good, he should start/close"
  • Steve "Sparky" Fifer
  • Booing
  • Complaining about the roof leaking
  • Twins fans
  • Idiot fans who wait in line at the concession stand for 5 minutes and then don't have their order ready when their turn comes up
  • The "Go Cubs Go" song
  • "Trevor Hoffman is too old"
  • The wave in all forms and at any time


Rubie Q said...

Whaddya mean, you hate jersey T-shirts? Sorry, Scrooge McDuck, but some of don't rake in enough coin to be able to buy an official Johnny Estrada jersey.

I'm going to pour mustard all over that fucking jersey the next time I see you.

Devil's Threesome said...

I have four jersey T's, but man, you know it, they are lame. Cost effective, yes, but certainly lame.

Oh, by the way, the Estrada jersey was a replica. The official ones are like $300.

Rubie Q said...

Strongly disagree. There's nothing wrong with jersey tees. Can you wear your replica Estrada jersey to the gym? While doing yard work? Fuck no, you can't. At least my jersey tee is versatile.

Devil's Threesome said...

One more comment that drives me nuts: "Our bullpen wouldn't suck if we woulda signed Cordero."

FPMKE said...

GD dirty beer lines really piss me off. Plastic bottles are the way to go.

Isn't there already mustard all over that Estrada jersey?

I think we ruined Rubie's retro jersey tee in the infamous Klements Hot Dog Fight of 2008.

I'm coming up Friday to tailgate in all of my retro-hat-jersey-tee-wearing glory. Keep me posted on plans. Also, will be looking to purchase 2 tickets so if there are any leads...

Rubie Q said...

I'll be working, but I'll see you after the game.

And, sadly, my Corey Hart jersey tee survived the infamous brat war of '08.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

i can't wait to do atleast 15 of these on Friday...just to piss D3Some off.