Monday, April 20, 2009

Todd Welter - Back from Vacation??

For some reason, Welter hasn't posted since Wednesday. I've been lonely. Here's a recap from his latest drivel.

Jeff Suppan actually did not start a small fire. He actually pitched like a guy who is worth his hefty contract. I did not think we would ever see that day so it got me thinking about other happenings that will probably never see the light of day--but at the same time you never know…

Small fire? He walked in 3 runs on national TV on Easter Sunday. Apparently Sup didn’t get the memo before the 10th plague. Moving on from the Cub game, let's address the Mets game. As covered by Rubes – giving up 7 hits and 1 walk in 6 innings is NOT a good outing. It’s called luck.

-Prince Fielder forgives Cecil Fielder
-The Bucks are the 2010 NBA Champions
-Buzz Williams swears off sweat tea
Sweat tea? I really fucking doubt that Buzz is drinking sweat tea. Perhaps you mean SWEET tea??
-Buzz Williams actually lost count of how many days he has been head coach
-Ned Yost vs. Ken Macha in a steal cage of death match
Synonyms completely baffle Mr. Welter. It’s a STEEL cage match. This shit just writes itself.
-Ned Yost admits he did not know how to use a bullpen
Spectacular syntax
-Ted Thompson makes a free agent splash
Boom! Did the Swollen Tongue write this?
-Brett Favre and Ted Thompson plan a summer vacation together
-Brett Favre calls Aaron Rodgers back
-Ted Thompson admits he hates the NFL Draft
-Mike McCarthy admits he does not know what a Packer person actually is
What does this mean?? Anyone?
The rest of it is unfunny and not worth reading. Two great typos, though.

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