Monday, April 6, 2009

Tomorrow's Lineup

Courtesy of a very cranky Tom Haudricourt.

2B Rickie Weeks
RF Corey Hart
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
SS J.J. Hardy
CF Mike Cameron
3B Bill Hall
C Jason Kendall
RHP Jeff Suppan

I would like Rickie more in the leadoff position if he would only draw more walks (that was for you Rubie). Seriously, on the face of it, it makes more sense to put Hart higher in the lineup because he is such a speed upgrade over JJ "Three-Toed Sloth" Hardy and JJ & Hart have similar power numbers. We'll see how it works out.


EMoney said...

I would flip Weeks and Hart. I've been saying this for 3 years....Rickie isn't a leadoff hitter. Just because a guy has speed doesn't make him a leadoff hitter. His strength coming in was hitting the ball, not being a contact guy that should be patient at the plate. I also think that Rickie would benefit more with the Braun/Prince protection than Hart would.

Rubie Q said...

I just don't understand this. J.J flourishes batting second: .294/.341/.546 last year, with 21 homers and 54 RsBI.

And, yes, I realize he went .347/.389/.449 hitting fifth. Two things: small sample size (14 games), zero homers, 3 doubles.

As for Jon Hart: .300 OBP. We need people on base for Braun and Prince; walking once a week won't cut it. (And a fun fact: despite his speed, Hart grounded into double plays 17 times last year, only one less than "three-toed-sloth" Hardy.)

Devil's Threesome said...

Both Hardy & Hart have the exact same GIDP rate (14%).
The new baseball-reference design is a fucking miracle.

When there is less than 2 outs and a runner at 3rd, JJ only scores the runner 45% of the time. League average is 52%. Corey Hart scores that runner 59% of the time = bat Hart fifth.

When there is a runner at 2nd and no outs, JJ advances that runner 54% of the time, while Hart advances the runner only 32% of the time. The league average is 43%. Logically, that means you should bat JJ 2nd, because we aren't worried about advancing Prince to 3rd for the inevitable Cameron strikeout.

So, upon further examination, maybe JJ should bat 2nd.

EMoney said...

Disagree! TG Jr. should be batting leadoff!

Rubie Q said...

TGJ should be cloned and should bat 1-9. He should pitch and catch and play all the defensive positions. He should be the manager, too, because TGJ the Manager would realize the value of TGJ the Players and wouldn't let all 25 of Cloned Tonys rot on the bench. Hell, we should have a Cloned Tony be the owner, too.


Devil's Threesome said...

I am a small ball guy myself.

Reid You Animal! said...

I seem to recall a certain badger friend of mine once arguing (semi-jokingly) that TGJ was so fast that if HE was out there they could play with only 2 outfielders. That's how much ground he would cover.