Friday, April 3, 2009


Tony Gwynn, Jr. -- placed on outright waivers.

Somebody -- ANYBODY -- please claim him. I think the Padres are required to by the league charter.

Oh, what a wonderful world it will be! No more standing ovations when TGJ is summoned to pinch hit (and then promptly strikes out). No more idiot fans arguing that TGJ needs to play more because he's an ideal lead off hitter (career OBP: .300. THREE-GODDAMN-HUNDRED!). It's over. Sweet merciful Jesus, it's over.

[UPDATE: I spoke too soon. According to Haudricourt's blog, not a single frackin' team claimed TGJ off waivers. Not one team. That fact, alone, should end all the debate regarding the relative merits of Tony Gwynn, Jr. I know it won't, but it should.]


FPMKE said...

I was hoping he would leave town in a trade package with Dick Weeks and Bill Hall for ANYTHING. I'm SO tired of the TGJ hype machine. He sucks!

Devil's Threesome said...

One tear - no more small ball...

I was elated to get this news when I awoke. I have to check out the SportsBubbler, I'm sure there will be some inane commentary on how this is a terrible idea.

FPMKE said...

Daaammmn it, he cleared.