Tuesday, April 7, 2009

White Sox Opening Day

Just thought I would post this so you could all look forward to the Brewers Home Opener on Friday. I hope you're all as excited as I am to see Braden Looper in action.

White Sox Home Opener was a glorious event. I was a guest at a tailgate with some homemade pulled pork, italians with peppers, miller lite, stogies, and a variety of snack items. Lupe Fiasco performed before the game, the unveiling of the flag was great, and a fly-by of two fighter jets was pretty sweet (could not capture good picture of fast moving objects).

Despite the chilly temp, the stadium was pretty full. I had a lady with a heavy south side accent behind me who wouldn't stop telling people around her that she was "semi-retired"; I swear the first three times she said it I thought she was saying "semi-retarded".

Looking forward to tailgating on Friday. Today, I sported my White Sox Podesednik jersey tee and Brewers cap. Lots of Chicago people chatted with me about having the day off Friday and driving up just for the tailgating in MKE.

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