Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bucks and The Luxury Tax

So according to jsonline today, your Milwaukee Bucks are up against the luxury tax this year. No big surprise we've been hearing this for a few months now. As I contemplated that (as best I could, given that I'm only operating at about 11% brain capacity) I started wondering: Who the hell are the Bucks paying all this money to? I did a little research and found some interesting info. Three things really struck me:

1) Michael Redd still has a player option after next season!??!?! For $18.3 million no less. Ugh. I've got nothing against Redd. He's a great guy and a pretty good player, but the Bucks will never be better than an 6-8 seed with him as the #1 guy.

2) They owe over $16 million to Ridnour, Gadzuric, and Charlie Bell. Yikes. We have to let an exciting young player (Sessions) and a serviceable/potentially dangerous 4 man (Villanueva) walk to pay these clowns? Not to mention that there is no listing for Mbah-Moute's salary next year. You'd hope that they intend to pay him... Right? Right?????

3) The Bucks cannot afford to fuck up this draft. They have to find an impact player, that can contribute right away. Actually, contributing may not even be enough, he may have to be a star right away in order to help this team. Another lottery pick that rides the pine all year and does absolutely nothing to help the team would be disastrous. And speaking of which: Joe Alexander, if you'd like to at least create the illusion of production this year that'd be great.


Rubie Q said...

Matching Charlie Bell's offer sheet was one of the worst moves in the history of the Bucks franchise. I remember being dumbfounded when the Heat offered him $18.5 mil over five years, and exponentially more dumbfounded when the Bucks matched that offer. This is the kind of guy we want to build the team around? Really?

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The Bucks are so messed up.

I agree with all the Redd comments.

If they somehow don't get Mbah-Moute wrapped up somewhere down the line, they are the dumbest team ever. I love this guy. He is the only reason I would watch the Bucks when flipping through the channels.

Ass clowns. All of them.

EMoney said...

Quickly resembling the LA Clippers franchise.

Just Brutal and unwatchable.