Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Check-In With STL Media

Still obsessed about the untucked shirts. Multiple mentions in the game story. I motherfucking love that. Maybe your starters will throw strikes next week.


FPMKE said...

I love that temple of doom flaming heart pic... classic.

As for STL, great stadium but that town is kind of a dump. No wonder they are so focused on the untucked shirts. Not a lot going on there. It's not quite Detroit depressing but wow I have never been so excited to see Midway Airport.

Devil's Threesome said...

I can't cast too many stones b/c MKE has some BIG problems, but I am not a fan of the STL. There is absolutely nothing going on downtown on the weekends. I was there for a conference and we couldn't even find a place to eat lunch on a Sat & Sun. The Hill is totally overrated - average Italian food in the restaurants I've been to there. Central Park is nice, but the neighborhood is sketchy. The Budweiser tour is the most self-stroking experience I have ever had. They were so excited to show us the Clydesdale stables, which, contained no Clydesdales. Plus, the beer sucks balls. I heard a radio story a couple of weeks ago that the STL public school enrollment is 1/3 what it was 40 years ago. Holy crap - that has to rival Detroit.

Master Reid said...

Doug Melvin had a great quote on the radio yesterday. When asked about opponents' apparent dislike for the Brewers' "brash attitude", Melvin replied "Yeah, well, everybody loved us when we were in last place." Awesome.