Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Chronic(what)cles of Las Vegas.

Okay... so I know that whole what happens in Vegas thing, but some stuff needs to be shared.  None of this will really incriminate anyone... well not too bad.

- Having a pool-side cabana is the shit.  This was the best decision ever.  Mad, dope, fat ass props to Kenosha Mustache for coming up with this.  Not only did we have hot (like hot without needing to be drunk, hot) cabana servers, but our first cabana was in a prime spot.  It couldn't have been better.  Oh wait, it could have been better if Moongoose didn't drink a bottle of $300 vodka, puke all over the cabana, and then have to be brought out in a wheelchair.  We then had to switch cabanas, but it made for a great story... and great pictures later.  That is why he is being de-clothed by two skanks.  We then redid the whole cabana experience on Saturday.  We drank a lot again.  It was awesome.  When in Vegas, get a cabana.

- We walked to a place called Fat Burger on Saturday night.  It was a long walk, it was hot out, and we were dressed in club wear.  The burger wasn't bad, but the walk back provided the highlight.  Some guy asked if we wanted to see the donkey show.  Yes!  I now feel like I'm in Vegas.  I actually stopped in my tracks and looked at him and said, "Donkey show?"  He then muttered something about donkey show and we kept walking.  I actually thought about it for a second.

- There are lots of hot chicks in Vegas.  Wow.  It's hard to tell the Hos from the "real" Hos.

- On Sunday night some promoter chick tried to get us to go to a party where they would provide transportation and some drinks.  It was shady, but when in Rome...  Reid said it best when he said that it was either going to end with a gun in his face or he would be propositioned to buy a time share.  At this point I wish we would have gone.  That could have been fun.

- The strip is long.  I walked it when I woke up at a ridiculously early time on Saturday.

- I don't remember eating dinner on Friday night.  I kind of do.  I think I had chicken.  This goes back to the cabana being awesome.

- It is apparently okay to drink something with dry ice in it.  Who knew?

- You have to go to Vegas to meet girls from Wisconsin... or at least I do.

- When you hate to fly and you decide to finally get up to pee (or take a dump) the fasten seat belts sign will come on because you are about to get rocked by some turbulence.  Dammit!

- Bet on the field for a NASCAR race.

- Bet on Kobe Bryant.

- Don't bet on Lebron James.

- Twins fans are still douchebags when they are in Vegas.  More so actually (sorry Kirby).

- It is really funny to watch Cubs fans realize their team sucks once they land and they check the score.

I know there are more, but some of them are bad, some incriminating, and some I just can't remember or they sucked.

Feel free to add more in the comments.


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

EMoney said...

I personally want to know how many $300 bottles of Kettle One that we bought. Has to be approaching double digits.

That's ridiculous!

And who the hell is thankful paul?