Saturday, May 30, 2009

Equal time...

I'm generally an eternal optimist.  I know that is an odd statement the way it is worded, but in the world of sports, it makes sense to a certain degree.  (Man, I feel like MikeHunt after typing that last sentence.)

I feel we need to give some props to Mr. Hart for his performance last night.  Now, I know that it was one good swing while he was pretty much not great at the plate last night, but that's all it takes.  Since I'm a teacher, I can get caught up in this positive reinforcement thing.  You know, give kids gold stars and pats on the back when they do one thing right after they screwed up the past 99.  I find that it does tend to work and maybe they will only screw up the next 98 instead of 99.  I also feel that I am in the minority on the blog.

So, Corey Hart, congrats on a nice game last night.  You really put good wood on that ball and I know you can do it again.  We should take this positive experience and carry it with you for today's game.

Best wishes.


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Your boy had a hit yesterday. He is really thriving in San Diego. What were we thinking?