Monday, May 18, 2009

Extreme Jinx Fail:

On this guy right over here.

My bad, Rick. My bad, fellas. My bad, Brewers fans. I didn't realize that dubbing this The Summer of Rickie Weeks would inevitably cause The (Other) Wrist Tendon Sheath Debacle of '09.

I'll shut down the blog and be quiet now. Good night, all.


White But Still Hip said...

Note that I made the picture my background, so I'll shoulder some of that blame. The only MLB jersey I own? Capuano, bought right after his all star season. Remember how that worked out? Yeah.

Master Reid said...

Yeah dude, I gotta take some of the blame on this one too. I'm on record as saying "My biggest fear is that Rickie is finally gonna start to bust out and then he's gonna get hurt again." Yes, I uttered those words... out loud no less. Some of this is definitely on me.

Rubie Q said...

This is what gets me: a month ago, the dude takes a ball in the mush, gets up, brushes himself off, and doesn't miss a beat. Then, two days ago, on a normal swing, his wrist goes apeshit and his season's done.

I don't know if that qualifies as irony, but it sure does piss me off. (And if it is ironic: Fuck you, Irony.)