Friday, May 1, 2009

For Our Native Chicagoan:

Two quick questions:

(1) How excited are you to have Scott Podsednik back in your life on a daily basis? (With love to Brew Crew Ball for the link.)

(2) Is Kirk Hinrich kind of a bitch? 'Cuz it seems like Kirk Hinrich might be kind of a bitch. That two-handed shove/slap thing he did at Rajon Rondo last night looked like something out of Jerry Springer.


Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Like I've stated field for the White Sox is like the Bears at the QB position(at least prior to Cutler I hope)...ugly...I hope Scotty P is not the season long solution - I think/hope he's filling a spot until Brian Anderson and D-Wise are healthy.

His defense also scares me...a lot.

I don't think Hinrich is a bitch at all....I think Rondo is the bitch...Rondo punched Miller in the face in the last game and shoved Hinrich into the scorers table. I think the Bulls were trying to get into Rondo's head last night, and I think it worked.

Rubie Q said...

I'm not saying that Rondo isn't a bitch, nor am I saying that Rondo didn't deserve to get suspended for the slap to Miller's head.

I'm just sayin': the particular move Hinrich used against Rondo -- the two-handed shove while leaning his head back so he wouldn't get hit -- was kind of bitch like. Throw a punch, man.

(No, I don't actually think he should've thrown a punch. Yes, I know he would have been suspended.)

Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Pushing gets you a technical...punching gets you, I don't know anyone who would push someone and leave themself open to being punched....also- have you seen Rondo's arms....the dude is ripped.

On an unrelated note - I think the Celtics are a bunch or retards. Why does KG think it's necessary to stick his chin out whenever his teammates make a thuggish. Also - he feels the need to talk shit from the bench. If I'm the Bulls I'd be saying come out on the court and play if you have something to say. I've lost a lot of respect for him during the series.

Game 7 should be interesting....

Rubie Q said...

Never been a KG fan. Yeah, I get it, you're intense. You're a maniac. Good for you. Now stop frothing all over the court, you psychopath.