Sunday, May 3, 2009

An inside look.

We are almost done with our second home stand at Miller Park.  It is known that I am our Brewers insider since I have a position with the ball club.  I thought I would share some of the things I have discovered so far this year to try and enlighten the readers.  Enjoy.

1. TV and Radio guys are really a boys club (I'll give the nod to Parks and Rec for that phrase being in my head).  These guys love seeing each other, hanging out, and talking about Lord knows what.  While eating amongst them, I have learned some interesting things.  They actually call and text each other during the game and between innings.  A Cincinnati broadcaster was on the phone with Mark Grace in between innings when the Reds were in town.  Just kind of funny to think about.  Also, all of the broadcasters I have met have been really nice.  Bert Blyleven probably ranks up there as one of the nicest along with Thom Brennaman.

2.  This Trevor Hoffman thing is crazy.  When he requested that the music be turned up and it was... wow.  Windows were shaking inside the press box.  There have been many chill inducing moments in Miller Park.  The Braun grand slam, the Braun homer against the Cubs, CC's first appearance on the mound, and now Hoffman.  It is amazing how one player that only pitches one inning twice, maybe three times a week can have this effect on a place.  When Hells Bells hits it is unlike anything else in baseball.  This is what we've been missing the past couple years.

3.  This might be my favorite... Our favorite big red headed pitcher, also known as MC Lung, has revealed that he has a different nickname.  Apparently Villanueva has nicknamed him, McDouche.  I've got nothing else to say about that except that it is really, really, really funny.


FPMKE said...

Oh my God, I was laughing so hard at McDouche that it brought tears to my eyes.

The lady friends sister is stopping by. I'm going to put on a little pressure to find out if her friend got the scratchies or not.

Rubie Q said...

Villy hardly has room to be calling anyone "McDouche" after the way he's pitched this year.

That said: MC Lung is sure a McDouche.