Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The NBA Draft... Who the Hell Cares??

So the NBA draft lottery took place last night. And the NBA consiracy theorists were dealt a heavy blow when the Clippers were allowed to win. If David Stern was really as all powerful as we like to think he is, then he would've seen that Clipper ball come out and put that fucker right back in and been like "oops, do over." Have fun with that Blake! Our beloved Milwaukee Bucks (pauses to wait for laughter to subside) moved nowhere and will be picking at number 10, where they will undoubtedly pick someone that will disappoint everybody. Early mock drafts have the Bucks taking Jrue Holiday. Which is great except for one problem: Who the FUCK is Jrue Holiday!?!? Now, because I'm a pretty hardcore college hoops nerd, I know who Jrue Holiday is. I'm fairly certain most of the readers of this fair blog are familiar with him as well. But the average potential Milwaukee Bucks fan, likely has no clue. For those that don't know he was a highly touted high school recruit that went to UCLA for a year where he averaged an eye popping 8.5 ppg and 3.7 apg. Most of this lack of production is attributed to him not meshing well with UCLA's offense and playing out of position. But he has tremendous upside potential and great wingspan. According Chad Ford on, "On upside he's a terrific pick. But he's yet to show he can live up to that upside on the court." Sounds like a top 10 pick to me!

Therein lies the problem with the NBA draft, and subsequently the NBA. The teams at the top of the draft are generally trying to find players to help rebuild their team both on the court and from a marketing/PR standpoint, but they're mainly doing it with these nameless, faceless kids that might be great in 2 or 3 years. How much interest do you think a Jrue Holiday or Demar Derozan are going to generate for an average hoops fan? My guess is very little, unless they start to realize some of that tremendous upside potential fairly early in the season. In a league that thrives on hyping up it's recognizable stars, it seems odd that the draft seems to contain fewer and fewer "name" stars, especially in the lottery. Anyone that actually stays in college long enough to become a recognizable star completely destroys his draft value. So this is the way it is, and as far as I can tell this is the way it's going to be. So I'll keep feigning interest in the NBA and muttering "who the fuck is that?" every time I see the starting lineups introduced in a game that I acutally watch. And I'll just keep hoping that some day the team that I acutally care about will hit on one of their tremendous upside potential reaches in the lottery.


EMoney said...

It's hard to get excited about the draft now because the Bucks always reach and take someone that most of us agree is a bad pick, and sure enough they don't pan out.

I agree with Reid, if Evans is there take him. If not, I'm hoping for Flynn/Lawson.

I wish I could've seen Blake Griffin's face when it was announced that the Clippers won the lottery. Enjoy playing with Zack Randolph in NBA hell Blake!

Rubie Q said...

The NBA Draft is a bizarre hybrid of the MLB Draft and the NFL Draft: the teams pay millions of dollars to unproven kids, and most of the kids are drafted based on their potential (since they're largely 19 to 20 year olds) and will never pan out. It's like they took the worst parts of both those drafts and combined them into one.

And, again, with feeling: JONNY FLYNN PLEASE.

Master Reid said...

Yeah, I'd be down with Flynn if Evans isn't available. I'm also interested to see if/when Matthews & McNeal (Sorry Dom, hoop you can have a good showing in summer league) get drafted. Maybe the Bucks?

EMoney said...

I'm not overly confident in Matthews getting drafted at this point. Would he be a 2 or a 3? He needs a more consistent jumper to be a 2, and may not be big enough to guard the 3. Wasn't he listed at 6'4" in college, 'cuz the JS listed him at 6'5" in the paper today regarding the Bucks tryout.

Rubie Q said...

Far as I know, Marquette's always listed Wesley as being 6'5".

Here's the link from gomarquette:

EMoney said...

Ok...I always thought he was 6'4".

I know how the Bucks will screw up....they will select EARL CLARK

Master Reid said...

Oh God! Please NO!!

I do think Wes has helped his cause with his performance at Portsmouth and such. I would be surprised if someone didn't take a shot at him in the late 2nd.