Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleeping Giant Update.

Jerseys? Untucked. Thrice.

Series? Swept.

Total runs scored by the Birds on Bats? Six.

Carlos Villanueva? Two innings pitched, 4 Ks, 1 hit, zero runs.

Mr. Poo Holes? Ten ABs, three singles, 0 RsBI, one run scored.

Sleeping giant? Um ... apparently still snoozin'.

Way to back up that Tommy Toughnuts talk, Big Al.


Devil's Threesome said...

Anyone else see Pujols throw down his bat after he walked in the 7th? Albert Pujols: Big, bad, tough, supreme judge of all that's right with sportsmanship in baseball. Note to Albert - you are the best hitter in baseball right now and one of the Top 5 hitters of all time. How can an upstart team in your division get under your skin so much? Check that, I would be pretty frustrated if my team had lost 9 of 10 at home to the aforementioned team. Maybe Chris Carpenter can bail out the Cards. Then again, I give him 4 innings before some mysterious "tightness" emerges.

Todd said...

Al also jogged to first base in his first at bat that resulted in an inning ending double play. How dare he disrespect the game as such.