Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Summer of Rickie Weeks Is Getting WHITE HOT.

And everybody's joining the party.

Well, OK: technically speaking, Reid and VaJayJay have been at the party for four years now. (Note: they've been the only ones at the party, which makes it more of a "date" than a party ... not that there's anything wrong with that ... but I'm just sayin'.)

So: grab your mai tai, put on your board shorts, and clean the sand out of your ass crack. Surf's up, kids.


Rubie Q said...

So the Summer's spinning its wheels today, as Rickie has walked twice but has also left 4 persons on base.

Still: the pina coladas are outstanding. I highly recommend them.

FPMKE said...

Props and kudos to Vajayjay and Reid... more props to Rickie for being on fire lately... but I am going on record as being NOT ready to jump on this bandwagon.