Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two Quick Hitters On Sunday Night Baseball:

White Sox vs. Rangers.

(1) Scotty Po is not only back with the White Sox, he's playing right field. Let that sink in: the guy who might have the worst arm in the majors is playing the one outfield position where you should have a guy with a really, really good arm. Seriously -- if you got twelve average Little Leaguers together, ten of them would be able to throw a ball farther than Scott Podsednik.

(2) From the "When the fuck did that happen?" department: ESPN is showing OPS for hitters now? Saints be praised! Did they run this by Joe Morgan first? Does he have any idea what those three letters mean? Does he think Billy Beane and Billy Beane's mad scientist cronies have infiltrated the Worldwide Leader and infected ESPN's computers with a virus that makes them spit out gobbledygook statistics? Does he think it's pronounced "ops" and refers to a super-secret, specially-trained military operations team? This is outstanding.

It's the top of fifth, and Joe Morgan is still talking, which means that his head hasn't exploded yet. It's only a matter of time.

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Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Yeah - ugly...

He's playing right out of pure desparation- J. Dye got hit in the hand the other they gave him a day off. The sox don't have much outfield depth...thus the reason Scotty Po is on the team.