Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome Back To Earth, Jon Hart.

"This isn't the Corey Hart people saw at the end of last season," writes boy-wonder Anthony Witrado in this morning's Journal Sentinel.

Really? It sure looks an awful lot like him.

Jon Hart's stats in May 2009: .205/.255/and a Kendall-esque .295 slugging; 1 homer, 10 driven in, 1 stolen base, 6 walks, 25 strike outs.

Jon Hart's stats in September 2008: .173/.192/and an even-Kendall-would-be-embarassed-by-this .245 slugging; no homers, 10 driven in, 1 stolen base, 3 walks, 21 strike outs.

I dunno ... if this dude in May 2009 isn't Jon Hart, he's doing a pretty damn good impression.

And, in honor of K-Mach sitting Jon Hart out of yesterday's game, we present today's brain teaser: If a person has an IQ of 75, can you really give him a day off as a "mental health" break?


Master Reid said...

If only we would've bunted with Gerut yesterday, we would've won!! It is a guarantee that if you bunt a guy to second he will score. When is this team going to learn? They are never going to amount to anything if they don't start playing small ball.


Every Postgame Radio Caller

EMoney said...

Gwynn Jr. would have got the bunt down.....probably would have beat it out for a hit too. What a crappy trade!

White But Still Hip said...

I suspect he hit the HR yesterday to spite you