Monday, May 4, 2009

Your Weekend Llama-ing.

Llama on Favre! Hot stuff, comin' through!

Let's walk through this first part line by line; maybe you guys can help me figure out what Toddles is trying to say here.

During the Favre/Thompson divorce,

...which happened almost a year ago. OK, so, we're talking June-July 2008. Got it.

I had one Sports Central caller--who claimed to be in the know with Brett--that said the Minnesota scenario could play out just like the rumors say it will.

This is June-July 2008? Yeah, it was generally understood by then that Brett might head to Winter Park. Pete King was reporting it. There was that whole hubbub about Favre using a team-issued cell phone to call Darrell Bevell. Plus, it was -- and is -- the most logical destination for a guy who (1) wants another shot at a Super Bowl and (2) is a self-absorbed, petty bitch who wants to show the GM of his former team that he (the self-absorbed, petty bitch) has something left in the tank.

Another caller who claimed to know the guy that flew Brett into Green Bay last July also stated Favre was coming back just to stick it to Thompson.

Yep. Everybody who had a working brain -- hell, anybody who's ever had an ex-girlfriend -- figured as much.

I get these type of calls on a daily basis so at the time I blew it off. Did not seem plausible

WTF? In June-July 2008? This didn't seem possible?

and also those two people would not reveal on how they were in the Favre inner-circle.

Hold on, I almost swallowed my own tongue after the "would not reveal on how they were in the Favre inner-circle" part. For fuck's sake, this idiot writes like English is his second language. "On how"? On fucking how? Have you ever heard someone who wasn't an immigrant from the Ukraine say "on how" before? Christ on crutches.

ANYWAY: keep this "they wouldn't tell me how, exactly, they chanced upon this inside information" stuff in mind as we come to the next line ...

Fast forward to the present and I should have used those guys as a source because Favre proved any crazy rumor can come true.

Now, I wasn't a journalism major
, and I didn't write for the Marquette Tribune, and I've not spoken to MikeHunt about the finer points of sports reporting, but I'm pretty sure that if you're going to use some anonymous caller from 'Stallis as a source, that person should tell you how he's getting his information. Otherwise, anonymous caller from 'Stallis is just ... anonymous caller from 'Stallis.

Favre is capable of anything. He is not kidding when he says he can flip the switch just like that so do not think for a second that he is done with football. That is why there is some legitimacy to the sum of all the Packers' fans fears that Favre will wear a purple jersey this upcoming season. Still, take a chill pill,

Yeah, dudes and dudettes, take a chill pill. That'd be righteous. Gnarly. Radical, even.

the circus is not coming to town anytime soon. A) The Vikings are so dumb that they think Sage Rosenfels will cure their QB problems. They passed on Jay Cutler for crying out loud! So I honestly would not be shocked at all if the Vikings stayed stupid and passed on Favre.

Fine, credit where credit's due: it was curious that the Queens didn't make a play for Cutler. But it's not like Cutler could have been had for a fourth-round draft choice. The Bears had to fork over some serious dimp to snag him. More to the point, though, on this whole "the Vikings are too stupid to sign Favre" jive: The Chiller is already on the record saying that the Queens are going to talk about bringing Favre in.

B) Favre's hatred for Ted Thompson would have to know no bounds that he would be willing to tarnish everything he has ever down in a green and gold jersey to get back at him. Favre may be a diva but he is not that much of a diva to ruin everything.

Hmm. Brett Favre's not that much of a diva? Let's put the evidence into two columns:

  • Held franchise hostage for (roughly) last five years with his "Boy, I sure am thinkin' 'bout retirin'" bullshit every off-season.
  • Finally retired, then had second thoughts, which required McCarthy to fly down to Mizz'sippi to offer him his job back ... only Brett decided he really didn't want to come back ...
  • Until he decided he really did want to come back, just before training camp, and then got pissy when McCarthy and Thompson (rightly) pointed out: "Hey, it's a little late in the game for this. We've already got a starting quarterback."
  • Publicly maligned Thompson and McCarthy, calling them liars and thieves and professional confidence men. Also went after the team president, suggesting that an endorsement deal that was offered to Favre was some kind of bribe.
  • After being traded to the Jets, called Matt Millen to provide an insider scouting report on the Pack, then lied about calling Millen, telling Pete King it's "total bs."
  • Retired again, but asked (at least twice) for the Jets to release him, because, again, Ol' No. 4 might get that itch.

  • Loves to mow his lawn.
Seems kind of unbalanced, doesn't it? I'm going to come down on the side of "yes, he's that much of a diva."

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Master Reid said...

From Fox Sports today:

The New York Daily News quoted an unnamed NFL source as saying, "Favre can't stand Green Bay. He wants to play Green Bay and say, 'I told you so.' His bitterness is creating this."

Anyone who doesn't believe this is going to happen is absolutely lying to themself.