Monday, June 29, 2009

Breaking News: Luke Ridnour Is A Bum-Ass N*****.

At least, so says Brandon Jennings' pal Joe Budden (who? Her?), in this remarkable conversation (via Deadspin).

Yes, Bucks fans, that's your self-proclaimed starting point guard -- playing GM (we're resigning Chuck V, letting Sessions walk), deciding on the line-up (Ridnour will be backing up Bra-Jen at point), even playing fashionista (he was, in his humble opinion, the best-dressed player at the draft -- when he finally managed to show up).

You know, I may have spoken too soon last week -- the Brandon Jennings Experience promises to be such a magnificent clusterfuck, I may have no choice but to watch.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

All I can say is... Awesome!

The transcripts over there on Deadspin are priceless. I may not watch the games, but I think I will watch all press conferences that involve Jennings.

So this is funny... the word verification was "woriest". That's that what the Bucks should be doing.

Rubie Q said...

Apropos of nothing, but since Va Jay Jay's here, I thought I'd mention it:

Braun changing his at-bat music to "Smooth Criminal" was pretty fucking awesome, in my book.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

ok no qualifying offer for Chucky V, but we did for some Euro and Sessions...yeah that makes sense. Just offer which gives you the right (not the obligation) to match.

Rubie Q said...

Well, that's one way to say: "Piss off, fuckface."

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

It is kind of badass for Braun to have kept that as his song. I wasn't a big fan of some of the players picking MJ songs for one night and neither was Cameron as he texted in the middle of the game to have it changed.