Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bucks! The Bucks!

Seeing that post of Freeway immediately put the Milwaukee Bucks to mind, and since I know that we are all huge fans of this franchise and the NBA in general, I thought it was about time for another Milwaukee Bucks discussion. What might we want to discuss regarding a horrible NBA franchise that has been in an uncontrollable slump since the "Big 3" glory days that occurred during the early part of this century? Well, what one event do terrible teams typically look forward to every year? You guessed it! The Draft! While the NBA draft isn't as exciting or extensive as say the NFL draft, I will say that in no other sport (of the big 3) can drafting 1 guy completely turn around a franchise and/or fan base. That being said, while I don't foresee the possibility of a franchise changing player at the #10 spot in this years draft, I do feel that the Bucks can at least re-energize the fan base by doing 2 things.

#1 (And this is very important and obvious): Draft a GOOD player! I know what ya'all are thinking....DUH! It's actually not as easy as it sounds (although I think it's pretty easy). In order to make this happen, DO NOT draft a fuzzy foreigner that nobody has ever heard of because he beats up on other fuzzy foreigner's in weak ass Euro-league and/or because "look at how good Dirk Nowitzki is". Please! No more Yi Jianlieanleaae's and no more Ersan Ilyasova/KGBers. Further, enough with the "Joe Alexander's", ie. the guys that essentially make their draft stock because they play well in 2-3 games in the NCAA tourney. Was he even projected as a 2nd rounder going into that season? I'm tired of drafting on potential/athleticism alone. It has gotten us nowhere! What does all of this mean? Take a blue chip player that has established himself for an entire season, and probably has played for one of the major D1 basketball programs. For the 2009 draft, to meet all of these qualifications, I suggest that the Milwaukee Bucks select either Ty Lawson or Johnny Flynn at #10. Both were big time recruits in high school......Both went on to play at great college basketball schools......Both were elite players in college and helped lead their teams to a lot of wins (Lawson - National Championship and Final Four in previous year; Flynn - did you see him play like 1000 min's in that 6 overtime game....stud!)

#2: With potentially 3 Marquette alums looking to be drafted in the 2nd round, I highly suggest selecting one of them with their second round pick, #41 overall. My interest alone would increase 1000 fold if Jerel or Wes were on the team and got decent playing time. While I think it may be a bit too high to take Wes there, Jerel would be an outstanding selection at that point in the draft in my opinion. With Sessions likely on the way out, Redd's contract getting ever closer to an end (hopefully he'll be traded), and C.Bell either being hurt or sucking, I say why not take 2 guards in this draft. So as I stated above, this fan base needs to be re-energized (and not just by "Energy".....or "Intensity" for that matter). What better way to do that than drafting a local kid. I think at worst, making this move would increase ticket sales, tv viewers, and jersey sales.

If this organization swings and misses on another draft, what the hell is going to happen to this franchise? After Redd and Bogut, there isn't much substance. We need some impact players and I think a Big East dynamic duo of Flynn and McNeal would be a HUGE step in the right direction. So what is everyone's opinion here? I'm looking for wants and ways that the Bucks will screw this up.


Rubie Q said...

The chasm between "what the Bucks should do" and "what the Bucks will do" is huge.

Like $ said, what they should do is take Jonny Flynn and a flyer on a local kid in the second round.

What they will do is take somebody like Earl Clark and a dude from Sweden.

I can't emphasize enough how little I care about this franchise.

EMoney said...

That leads to another question which I failed to include. For those of you who are completely disinterested, would adding McNeal or Matthews change your stance?

Rubie Q said...

For the first 10 games of the year, yes, regardless of whether they played.

For the next 72 games: only if they saw more than 10 minutes a game.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i agree with Rubie and no drafting Wes or Jerel won't make me any more of a fan bc they won't play 30 minutes a game and we'll still suck...I say send the Bucks to Seattle for Gary Payton...oh wait we all ready did that.

i agree on the Johnny Flynn and some foreign dude in the second. but i woundln't be suprised to see Brandon Jennings or Earl Clark or DeJuan Blair. actually i'd be okay with DeJuan Blair. maybe he'll be like charles barkley, aside from the whole fighting at Goolsby's.

EMoney said...

I think that jerel and possible wes could work into playing 20+ min/game. Look at mbah a moute.....mid 2nd rounder that slowly gained the coach's confidence. By mid-season he's first off the bench and playing 20-25 min's/game. That's not too hard to do when you're playing on a thin and injury plagued roster.

Please do not say that Blair could be the next Barkley. I can't stand how every undersized fat guy that is successful in college is going to be the next Charles Barkley. The last time the Bucks "drafted" the next Charles Barkley, I believe he was out of the league in under 5 years (Robert Traylor for those who couldn't figure it out; see also Danny Fortson, Glenn "Big Baby" Davis)). I don't mind Blair, but I think we can do much better at #10. Lawson/Flynn are NBA star caliber....Blair more of a role player IMO.

I've got a great and scary prediction for the 1st pick:

BJ Mullens - "Unlimited Potential"; "You can't teach height"; "You can't teach bad facial hair"; Is he an offspring of George Muresan?

Master Reid said...

My dream of Tyreke Evans, not surprisingly, seems to be drifting farther and farther away. He's climbed to #6 in the latest mock draft. Interestingly the Bucks' pick from the initial mock draft (and subject of an earlier rant), Jrue Holiday, has moved up to #4.

Perhaps most interesting is that they have Jordan Hill (PF-Arizona) falling to the Bucks at #10. I would definitely be ok with that.