Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Draft Talk

MLB Draft that is...

Ok, so I know it doesn't have near the juice that its NBA and NFL counterparts have, but it's still kind of interesting. Especially when your team is built almost entirely on players that they actually drafted, and will have to continue doing so to remain competitive going forward. It makes it even more interesting when there is actual coverage of the event, which there is this year thanks to God's gift to TV, MLB Network.

So whether the Brewers select someone that they hope will fast track to the big leagues, or will become ammo for some future deal (Cliff Lee? Really? I dunno how much I'd be willing to part with to get a guy that got sent to Triple A 2 years ago.) I'm intrigued to see who they take, and how that player may project to fit into this team's future plans. I don't know if it'll be available at 26, but a big college bat might be my preference given that we stand to lose Prince and Hart in the not so distant future.

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