Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If You Thought the Llama Was Bad...

Check out the email from his "friend" Brenden that the Llama posted on his blog (and, as always, this is a straight copy-and-paste job, so all [sics] are the writer's, not mine):

Dude that is good stuff. So true to! Manny can watch a home run till he hits third and it is Manny being Manny but Braun cannot watch a ball for 5 strides and get reemed by the turds on ESPN who dont know what they are talking about 95% of the time. Showalter is a morom and I cannot stand listening to that guy talk! There is reason he is no longer a coach. Cause he sucked! This is a young team who loves to play and have fun. Of course there is going to be some antics on the field. A pitcher can fist pump all day but a guy cannot untuck a jersey or watch a home run for a few steps. Whatever! Teams better get use to losing to the crew cause these guys love playin together and will be around for awhile!!

I have no words.

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