Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Been A Long Week Already...

... and it's only Wednesday. Plus, it's hotter than hell out there, which tends to make people -- OK, me -- cranky. So, whaddya say we let off some steam by looking at the Llama's latest tub o' shit?

Going through some of the game notes courtesy of the Brewers media relations, I have found some eyesore stats about the Crew this year...

-The Brewers are 14-20 when the opponent scores first.
-The Crew are 9-21 with they are out-hit by the opposition.

Ah, good. Numbers. I love talkin' numbers in sports -- probably not as much as my wayward pal Moongoose loves midget frottage pr0n, but I love it, nonetheless. But here's the thing: when you're talkin' numbers in sports, you've gotta give those numbers some context, or else they're just ... numbers -- meaningless little 3's & 7's.

Here's a good example:

The Brewers are not exactly the comeback kids either...

-When trailing after seven innings, the Brewers are 4-28. The Brewers are not much of a ninth-inning comeback team either. The Crew is 3-30 when trailing after eight innings.

Ripped from any context whatsoever, those numbers look like shit. But consider:

The untucked-shirt-hatin' St. Louis Cardinals -- the first place team in the division -- are 1-26 when trailing after seven innings. And they're 0-28 when they're trailing after eight.

The third-place, supremely-douchetastic Cubs -- currently nipping at the Brewers' heels in the standings -- are 4-26 when trailing after seven. They're 2-26 when trailing after eight.

How 'bout the fourth-place Reds, you say? They're 1-30 when trailing after seven, and 1-31 when trailing after the eighth inning.

And, since nobody gives a flying poop about the 'Stros or Pirates, let's toss out the numbers for the juggernaut out West, the L.A. Dodgers: 4-17 when trailing after seven innings, and 2-23 when trailing after eight.

The Brewers are 8-15 when they do not hit a home run.

The obligatory small ball lover's stat. I have said it before, and I will say it again: the only thing a stat like this tells you is that hitting home runs is a good thing and helps your team win baseball games.

In 70 games (37-33 overall record), the Brewers have just 19 come-from-behind wins.


Cardinals: 11 come-from-behind wins (in 40 wins total).

Cubs: 15 come-from-behind wins (in 34 wins total).

Reds: 13 come-from-behind wins (in 34 wins total).

Dodgers: 21 come-from-behind wins (in 47 wins total).

The Brewers have only blown 18 leads so it is not like they are giving games away in their 33 losses.

Blown leads:

Cards: 11.

Cubs: 12.

Reds: 11.

Dodgers: 13.

In sum: every stat that the Llama thinks is remarkably bad is remarkably average (if not impressive -- the 19 come-from-behind wins are very good), while the stat that the Llama thinks is remarkably good is actually pretty bad. As per usual, up is down, black is white, and a shit sandwich is Gummy Bears for Toddles.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

It's awesome when you can just write and throw numbers out there without having to do actual research and compare those numbers to other numbers. We should all get jobs for floundering former media giants in town.

FPMKE said...

The Llama and Freeway should hook up an do a show. They're both really good at regurgitating stats without adding any substance. They could call it "Llama and The Aldi Bag"

Master Reid said...

Wait just a minute here... You mean to tell me that if your team is losing after 7 or 8 innings they're probably going to LOSE THE GAME!?!?! I could've sworn that was when they were in the best position to win. Shows what I know.