Monday, June 29, 2009

MannyLine Update:

For those who don't remember the bet, we set the over/under at Manny making 3.5 starts for the Brewers for the rest of the year.

Manny's Sunday line (via Brew Crew Ball):

4.2 innings pitched, 6 runs, 5 earnies, 5 hits and 5 walks (for another tidy WHIP over 2.0), 5 strikeouts.

And, just in case you forgot:

Rubie took the under.

SBTG took the under.

Reid took the over.

D3s took the over.

FPMKE took the over.


FPMKE said...

Who else is there? Bushy is injured... McDouche didn't fare well... and the trade market is shit.

Unless we get a sweet deal for Doug Davis, I'm very comfortable with taking the over.

On a side note, if Davis comes back I hope he grows out the Captain Morgan facial hair again. Then Bushy can grow the fu man chu again... it would be great.

Rubie Q said...

McDouche turned in a terrible start on Saturday, no question about that. And yet -- that start was STILL better than Manny's latest effort IN THE MINORS.

He's not coming back, not for a long time.