Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parra and such

All right Buffet......with all of the recent chatter regarding Manny Parra, Tom Glavine, Corey Hart, etc., along with the fast approaching trade deadline, how does everyone foresee this roster shaking out over the next month? Similar to 1 year ago, and shockingly enough to many Wahoo Crazies out there, this team is in contention for a playoff birth and possibly looking to make a few moves to make a serious run. The Brewers are in dire need of another legitimate starter in their rotation, and the recent rumor mills include the likes of Cliff Lee, Jake Peavy, and Erik Bedard as possible trade candidates within the league. On the other hand, this team has been lacking offensive production from both 3rd base and right field......positions that typically produce offensive contributors. Is this an area that Doug Melvin will address before the trade deadline? Word on the street is that Matt Holliday is being thrown around as trade bait. Matt Holliday or Corey Hart??? Hmmmm.

In my opinion, I would like to see Melvin get aggressive in the trade market again this year. However, if this requires trading a top prospect or 2, I expect that whomever we receive is in Brewer uniform for at least 3 years. Since MLB has a bit of an uneven playing field monetarily, I think that this organization needs to strike while the iron is hot. Our 3-5 hitters of Braun, Fielder, and Cameron have been playing outstanding and who knows how long Cameron and Fielder will be around. In a perfect scenario, I would want to add an additional starter and either a third baseman or right fielder. Who knows what it would take, but swinging a deal with Cleveland to acquire C.Lee and Mark de Rosa would be ideal. That would give Milwaukee an outstanding starter for the next few years and a solid third baseman that can both produce offensively and defend his position consistently.


PS. I wouldn't be opposed to giving Oakland Corey Hart for Matt Holliday straight up. So if one of you could pass this along to Gary Ellerson I would appreciate it.


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