Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Public Service Announcement for Manny Parra:

Here's the 10-day Weather Planner for Nashville, Tennessee. Looks like it's going to get hot this weekend: 81 degrees on Friday, 86 on Saturday, and 90 on Sunday. Pack your Bermuda shorts.

Also: here's the calender of events for the Grand Ole Opry for June. Hey -- looks like mega-sexpot Carrie Underwood is going to be there on the ninth -- with Trace Adkins and Charlie Daniels, too! That looks like a good deal. Maybe you can get comped seats from the Sounds.

Enjoy your flight, asshole.

(In all -- well, slightly more -- seriousness: if there's no room on the roster for a stumblebum like Julio, then there's certainly no room for a starter with a 6.75 ERA and a 1.80+ WHIP, especially one who throws up a 4-inning, 11-hit, 10-run abortion in a game where his team absolutely, positively needs him to go at least 7 innings. Maybe Prince was on to something when he throttled that fuckstick last year...)


Devil's Threesome said...

To quote the Llama: "He started a small fire on the mound."

The evidence is mounting that Manny is an absolute head case. He has good stuff and we may have no other options for the rotation.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

send his ass down to AAA and see if he can get his shit together ala Dave Bush a few years ago.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

oh and I agree 100% on the whole Tony Romo passing over Carrie Underwood stuff.

EMoney said...

Underwood - YES!

In regards to Parra - Do we have any other choice? This is what happens when you lose your top two starters to free agency and only add Looper as a #5. Very similar to what Marquette went through this past season.....relying on 3 guys and praying that they didn't get hurt. Well Parra didn't get hurt, rather just sux, and we don't have anything else to fall back on. Bottom Line: If the organization is serious about making another playoff push, Melvin needs to swing a deal for another starter because i don't think that this staff can keep us in the race all season.

Master Reid said...

I agree with E here. We don't have much other choice. We don't have a Gallardo at AAA waiting for his shot (and I don't want to hear how good Tim Dillard's numbers are at AAA, he's still Tim Dillard and it's AAA).

Which leads us to the trade rumors that we have yet to discuss here. Corey Hart, the major league outfielder "most likely to be traded" according to that Boston Globe article, would we (could we) use him as trade bait? Maybe Jack Z would send us Bedard for yet another of his draft picks? I'm not saying, I'm just sayin'.

Rubie Q said...

Re: Jon Hart. This is per Ken Rosenthal (link from RFB): "The two clubs that called the Brewers on the weekend to see if Milwaukee really was making Corey Hart available heard that he is not on the block."

I crunched some more disturbing Manny numbers -- his per-game WHIPs for the season: 1.85; 1.17; 2.50; 1.60; 1.17; 2.00; 1.33; 1.50; 3.30; 1.80; 3.00.

Nary a start below 1.00, and eight with a WHIP at or above 1.50. In my mind, that's the biggest cause for concern. He's very, very fortunate he's not getting torched more often having allowed that many baserunners.

EMoney said...

Rub's: I suspect that those numbers are near what Suppan and Bush do each outing. And unfortunately we have 4 of these pitchers in Supp, Parra, Bush, and Looper. High WHIPs and ERA's consequentially.

As I stated in my previous comment, we need to acquire a pitcher somehow/someway. We have what, 1-2, prospects that are close at this point. That's not enough, and it's not likely that they will amount to much(especially if they continue to smoke weed and take performance enhancers). IMO - It's more worthwhile to give up proven hitting prospects for established pitching, than hoping that your pitching prospects miraculously make it through the system and make it through the system healthy. Therefore a trade is in order. I do however have a stipulation.....make sure that you will maintain the rights and can afford that pitcher for a minimum of 3 years. It was exciting to make the deal for CC last year, but we got hosed in the end. I give Melvin props for rolling the dice on 1 year, but we knew that we weren't going to be able to keep him.

I don't know if picks are worth a darn in the MLB draft, but since we have 5 in the top 40-50, maybe we can package Hart or prospect(s) and a pick(s) for an established pitcher. Bedard hasn't completely worked out in Seattle, so that might be a good possibility. Cliff Lee???

Rubie Q said...

Sadly, Parra's numbers are worse than Soup's, and much, much, much worse than Bushy's. Say what you will about Bush (and I have said and will continue to say plenty): he doesn't walk people. He gives up way too many homers (13 already this year) -- and often at the worst possible time -- but he's not handing out free passes.