Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Quick 'SSP Tomfoolery Story.

I was driving back from court yesterday and happened to catch the beginning of "The Big Show" on 'SSP. The topic (for some reason) was the NBA draft, and who the Bucks might take in the first round.

Sparky says (I'm paraphrasing): I wouldn't mind seeing the Bucks trade down, perhaps with the T-Wolves, to get two late first-round picks (or a late first and an earlier second). The Bucks might be able to snag a Ty Lawson and a James Johnson (who Sparky mistakenly identified as having played for Georgia Tech; right conference, wrong school), Sparky figures.

Not more than 15 seconds later, Capt. Closed Head Injury says: "Hey, Sparky: there are a lot of teams that want to move up in the lottery [which is patently false, by the way. I don't hear about many teams wanting to move into the 5-10 range, since it's all a crapshoot after Griffin and Rubio. But what the fuck do I know? Unlike Swollen Tongue, I actually, you know, read stuff about sports every now and again]. Would you be upset if the Bucks, say, traded down and got a couple of picks late in the first round?"

Sparky, clearly exasperated, and after a lengthy pause: "Yeah, Gary. I'd be OK with that."



Master Reid said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the NBA draft the one where you can't actually "trade" picks? Don't they basically agree to trade the guys they want after the picks are made? That's why you always hear "Denver is on the clock, but they will be selecting for San Antonio to complete the Player X trade."

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Player X? Is that like Weapon X? If Wolverine falls down to us I think we take him. That's the kind of fire this Bucks team needs.

EMoney said...

I would be completely fine if they were able to acquire 2 late first rounders for their #10. I don't see anyone (not even the Twolves) giving up that much for the #10, unless for some reason Hill, Flynn, Holliday, or Curry fall to us. While this draft doesn't have a ton of "star power", I think overall it is a deep draft with an unusually large amount of quality guards. If the Bucks were able to swing a deal as this, they may be able to address both the PG and PF positions in the first round. A Ty Lawson/Tyler Hansbrough combination would be a good first round IMO.