Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Quick Thoughts On Last Night's Game.

Regarding Sr. Julio -- and this might be the most difficult thing I've ever had to do -- I'd like to paraphrase deposed skipper Nedly "Ned" Yost III. Remember wayyyy back, in King Ned's first couple years, when the Brewers gave long looks to players like Ben Grieve and Victor Santos and other players like that? His Majesty talked about the Brewers being a "land of opportunity" for these kinds of players, a place where they could find consistent playing time and (hopefully) turn into serviceable ballplayers. But then, when the Brewers got decent in King Ned's last couple years, Ned said that all that "land of opportunity" stuff went out the window: if you can't contribute, there's no place for you on the Brewers' roster.

All of that is a long way of saying: Why in God's holy name is a first-place team still carrying a guy with a 5.71 ERA and 1.56 WHIP who can only be used when the team is up 5 runs or down 5 runs? Is there any rational explanation for this?

(EDIT: When I pulled Julio's numbers this morning, I didn't realize that baseball-reference.com hadn't added in last night's gruesome figures. Including last night, George is now sporting a healthy 7.79 ERA and 1.73 WHIP. Mother of God.)

(Also: is "immolate" a verb? For example: could I say that "Jorge Julio immolated in spectacular fashion last night"? I don't think it works like that. But it's really the only word that captures the essence of the clusterfuck that is Jorge Julio.)

And, second: found this nugget in T-Haud's game recap:

[T]he Brewers found themselves short in the bullpen on a muggy, drizzly night when starter Jeff Suppan struggled to get through five innings ...

Seth McClung also was unavailable after pitching three innings Saturday night.

I think McDouche would be interested to hear this, since he pitched the seventh inning last night.


Master Reid said...

As we watched the implosion last night I pondered: "How exactly do you say 'designated for assignment in spanish'?"

That being said, Julio is the last guy in the Brewers' pen. Every team has a hole at that spot in their pen. Unfortunately, some times you don't have a choice and you have to put that guy in. I really hope DeFelice is not going to be out too long But that doesn't sound good.

Rubie Q said...

He gone: