Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What To Do With Gamel?

That's been the hot topic on the radio shows lately. Once the interleague is done and the Brewers don't need the DH anymore, what should they do with Gamel? I'll tell you what I think they should do: Keep him here and play him everyday, because Billy Hall is completely worthless at this point. (See what I did there? You thought this was a Gamel take, but oh no, it's an anti-Bill Hall rant. Gotta keep you guys on your toes.)

Watching him flail away at the plate, time after time this season, is driving me completely fucking mental. He is an absolute black hole and he is showing no signs of turning that around. Sure the Brewers have other guys that are scuffling, but at least they show signs of life every now and then. Not only that, but you can look at past performances and see a track record that indicates they have the ability to turn things around for themselves. Bill Hall? Not so much. Oh there's 2006, but if it's not obvious that that was the exception not the rule by now then you're not watching the same games I am. In 2007 and 2008 Hall had an average of .240, with 29 homers, and an on-base of .299!! And that's playing against lefties almost exclusively, which he allegedly hits well! (Those eye-popping numbers don't even factor in his wicked .208 avg and .276 OBP so far this season) He's not even a serviceable platoon player at this point. Things have gotten so bad for Hall that he's posing and styling after hitting weak fly balls. Did you see him tonight, he totally styled off a weak fly ball to center and a sac fly to right like he had just blasted 'em into the Cuyahoga. It's been that long since he's hit a ball even remotely hard to the outfield that he actually thought he got those balls! Sorry Billy, that one's not gonna have the distance.

If they insist on having him on the team, and trotting him out there to "try and get him going" (and in all honesty that is what's going to continue to happen, despite the better judgement of everyone), then I suggest Dale Sveum sit him down, look him in the face and break it down like this: "Look Bill, I don't want you to try to hit another homerun as long as your on this team. When you were 'good' you were a line drive hitter that sprayed the ball all over the field, and some of them just happened to leave the yard. No more coddling, no more trying to find your chi or any of this other bullshit. The next time you try and jerk the ball out of the park, leave your shoes at an 0-2 slider or pose off some warning track fly ball, I'm gonna kick you in the fucking head. Capiche!"

So Mat, get comfy son. Settle in over there at 3rd and try not to throw too many into the dugout. Cuz that job is yours kid. Lefty starter, righty starter, I don't much care, because it's painfully obvious that Bill Hall can't hit either of them.


Rubie Q said...

Three thoughts:

(1) I saw Hall's fly ball, too, but I didn't get the impression he thought he hit it out. Yes, he stood at home plate for a second after his follow-through on the swing, but, to me, it looked like more of an overwhelmed/frustrated look than a stylin' look -- like, "Jesus, what the fuck is going on with my swing?" and "I've been concentrating so hard on just hitting the ball that I forgot what to do next."

(2) There's been a lot of chatter -- most of it from Hall himself -- about the "drastic" changes that Hall has made to his stance to try to break himself out of this prolonged funk. Frankly, it doesn't look like he's changed much of anything; maybe the stance is a bit more closed, and maybe the bat is a couple inches off the shoulder now, but it still looks like the same Bill Hall with the same absurdly long swing.

(3) What about Casey McGehee? I wouldn't mind sending Gamel down to play every day and giving McGehee a shot to be the regular third baseman, at least for a month or so. He's done everything asked of him so far. Why not give him a shot?

FPMKE said...

I prefer the utility of McGehee. I think he deserves a shot but with Weeks out we need him in the platoon at 2nd and to fill in at 3rd as necessary. Craigers is doing a great job but I have concerns about his age and knee issue. Can Craigers hold up for the whole season playing as much as he has?

As for Billy Brew, as much as it pains me to say since I was hoping for a turnaround after the lasik and all, he's got to go. They've been extremely patient with him but he just isn't cutting it.

With Billy Brew out, McGehee can get more consistent time platooning at 2nd and 3rd.

Now for my MikeHunt backtrack... while I'm all for keeping Gamel in MKE, do you think sending Gamel back down after the prolonged taste of the Big Leagues will result in him going on a tear? He seems like he'd be like a caged animal in Nashville. He might go all Prince Fielder on Manny (which would not be a bad thing).

Devil's Threesome said...

What in the wide world of sports is going on here? Did Reid and Rubie switch Blogspot accounts?

My take - Billy is done, he's a bench player at best or he should be released.

Master Reid said...

I think Gamel has shown enough to warrant staying up here. He's gotten some big hits in this series, including a few off of lefties. He hit something like .422 off lefties in Triple A, so he can get it done.

If we didn't need Mcgehee to play 2nd base, I'd be all about giving him the job. I'm also a little concerned that he had to leave the game with a "sore knee" last night. It isn't that far of a leap from "left with a sore knee" to "stint on the 15 day DL" .

As for Hall, it seems to me (being a big league hitting instructor for some time now) that his swing is entirely in his upper body. He's trying this toe-tap thing to try and get his legs into it, but it still looks like his swing is entirely from the waist up.