Monday, June 1, 2009

Who Can Argue With Logic Like This?

So, the Brewers complete the three-game sweep of the Reds, getting a dy-no-mite performance from Braden Looper in the first game and pounding out a combined 14 runs in the last two, with the 'pen putting up a zero for the entire series. Pretty thorough beatdown, when you look it.

Well, except if your name is Brandon Phillips:

"I feel like we're a better team than the Brewers," he said.

That's a pretty provocative thing to say after your team gets swept, and with the Crew leading the season series 5-3. So: if the Reds are the better team, what happened this weekend, Brandon?

"But today, they executed better than we did. They did the little things. We didn't do the little things the last two games. That's why they won the game."

Actually, besides the five-spot the Reds put up against Rubie's favorite punching bag, Dave Bush (text of message sent after the two homers in the first: "I can't satisfactorily express my hatred for Dave Bush. I would wish death upon him, but I don't want that on my conscience"; text of Reid's response: "You think not wishing him death this time cancels out the previous dozen times?" Awesome), the Reds didn't do anything against the Crew.

And then, as if he hadn't already completed refuted his point about the Reds allegedly being a better team than the Brewers, Phillips went on:

"Good teams do little things to win," he said. "We got to do small things. Get them over, get them in and they executed. That's why they are in first place."

Thanks, Brandon, for nullifying your conclusion and making my job easy. What's the point in arguing with you when you've already argued -- and argued very effectively, I might add -- against yourself?

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