Monday, July 6, 2009

All Star Teams - Actual vs. Projected

Incorrect Picks in italics, analysis to come later in comments

AL Starters (8)
c - Joe Mauer - Twins
1b - Justin Morneau – Twins (named reserve)
2b - Ian Kinsler – Rangers 2b Dustin Pedoria, Red Sox
ss - Jason Bartlett – Rays (named reserve)
3b - Evan Longoria - Rays
of - Jason Bay - Red Sox
of - Torri Hunter – Angels (named reserve)
of - Jonny Damon - Yankees

AL Reserves (12)
c - Victor Martinez - Indians
c - AJ Piersynksi - White Sox Curtis Granderson, Tigers
1b - Mark Texiera – Yankees (named starter)
1b - Miguel Cabrera – Tigers Adam Jones, Orioles
1b - Kevin Youkillis - Red Sox
2b - Aaron Hill - Blue Jays
ss - Derek Jeter - Yankees
3b - Alex Rodriguez – Yankees Michael Young, Rangers
of - Ichiro Suzuki – Mariners (named starter)
of - Carl Crawford – Rays (named starter)
of - Nick Markakis – Orioles Josh Hamilton, Rangers
of - Matt Holiday - A's Curtis Granderson, Tigers

AL Pitchers (13)
sp - Zach Grienke - Royals
sp - Roy Halladay - Blue Jays
sp - CC Sabatia – Yankees Andrew Bailey –A’s
sp - Mark Buehrle - White Sox
sp - Josh Beckett - Red Sox
sp - Justin Verlander – Tigers
rp - Bobby Jenks - White Sox Edwin Jackson - Tigers
rp - Brian Fuentes - Angels
cl - Jonathon Papelon - Red Sox
rp - Frank Francisco – Rangers Tim Wakefield – Red Sox
rp - George Sherrill – Orioles Felix Hernandez - Mariners
rp - Mariano Rivera - Yankees
rp - Joe Nathan - Twins

NL Starters (8)
c - Brian McCann – Braves – (named reserve)
1b - Albert Pujols - Cardinals
2b - Chase Utley - Phillies
ss - Hanley Ramirez - Marlins
3b - David Wright - Mets
of - Ryan Braun - Brewers
of - Raul Ibanez - Phillies
of - Carlos Beltran - Mets

NL Reserves (13 12)
c - Yadir Molina – Cardinals (named starter)
c - Benji Molina - Giants
1b - Prince Fielder - Brewers
1b - Adrian Gonzalez - Padres
2b - Brandon Phillips – Reds Orlando Hudson - Dodgers
2b - Freddie Sanchez - Pirates
ss - Yunel Escobar – Braves Ryan Howard - Phillies
ss - Miguel Tejada - Astros
3b - Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals
of - Brad Hawpe - Rockies
of - Adam Dunn – Nationals Hunter Pence, Astros
of - Alfonso Soriano – Cubs Justin Upton, Dbacks
of - Carlos Lee - Astros

NL Pitchers (1213)
sp - Johan Santana - Mets
sp - Matt Cain - Giants
sp - Yovanni Gallardo – Brewers – Jason Marquis, Rockies
sp - Chris Carpenter – Cards – Ryan Franklin, Cards
sp - Wandy Rodriguez – Astros – Tim Lincecum, Giants
sp - Dan Haren - Dbacks
sp - Chad Billinsgly - Dodgers
rp - Heath Bell - Padres
rp - Jonathan Broxton - Dodgers
rp - Francisco Rodriguez - Mets
cl - Trevor Hoffmann – Brewers – Ted Lilly, Cubs / Josh Johnson, Marlins
rp - Francisco Cordero - Reds


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

AL Analysis: 22 out of 33 correct, 66.7%

i guess Pedoria makes sense over Kinsler, but no Kinsler at all is somewhat suprising. Jonny Damon has cooled off. I picked Holiday because someone from the A's had to make it (who the hell is Andrew Bailey). Took the wrong O's outfielder and curtis granderson over Cabrera (guess AL didn't make the same 4 1b's mistake that the NL did). Michael Young is having a good year, and who the heck is Edwin Jackson?. Wakefield has too big of an ERA but its a wonderful story and King Felix makes more sense than George Sherrill. reserve outfielders are wrong based on the 1 one team rule. Andrew Bailey.

My AL Last Vote: Adam Lind...even though he's a DH he deserves one AB at the All-Star game

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

NL Analysis: 24 out of 33...72.7%, all 9 starters

Orlando Hudson over Phillips makes sense as he's having a good year on the best record in the NL. Ryan Howard over anyone is total BS as Escobar is have a good year. Pence and Upton over Soriano and Dunn, makes sense i guess I just figured Dunn might be DC's rep and suprised the Scrubs only got one and Soriano sucks now too. Pense is having better average year than Lee.

Jason marquis just missed the cut the first time and makes sense. Ryan Franklin over Carpenter makes no difference to me, just a reliever vs a starter. yeah I never should have not picked Lincecum...that was just plain stupid. Hoffman loses out which at first i was pissed but based on numbers and the fact we haven't had many save opportunities lately makes sense plus the Scrubs needed a player (and Lilly I guess has the better numbers...that's why he's on my fantasy team) and Josh Johnson is pretty good.

My NL Last Vote: Mark Reynolds... despite low average has nice HR and RBI numbers, otherwise Sandoval

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

NL vote goes to Pablo. I mean he is Sandoval. Are you Sandoval? No. He is Sandoval.