Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines...

In the office for the last day of work and I am extremely unmotivated. I'm taking a long weekend and hunkering down in enemy territory. I'll try to get updated posts and pics of douchebaggery in action around Wrigley.

I'm not looking forward to the way the rotation has panned out as I was hoping to see Yo in action (Good luck today Yo!):
Soup/Big Z
Loop/Dick Hard
Burnsy/Flower Power

However, the bats have come alive for the Crew and the Cubs have been playing like shit lately so it might be a good series. I hope Macha takes full advantage of Big Z's caloric temper.

Aside from Cubs fan douchiness, any predictions on the series?


Rubie Q said...

"Caloric temper," eh? Was that your word of the day today?

Those pitching match-ups leave a lot to be desired, but we always seem to play pretty well at Wrigley. I'd be very happy with a 2-2 split.

Oh, and I'd also like to see Big Z flip off the home fans.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

i'll also go with a 2-2 split but hope we get the Thurs and Fri games to make the weekend gravy.

Rubie Q said...

Also: "Behind Enemy Lines" is one of my favorite Owen Wilson military drama/action films.

EMoney said...


Is that really our starting 5 at this point? Yikes!

Dempster and Harden own us. That leaves Soup vs. Z and Montgomery Burns vs Flower Power(???) to get 1 W. It's hard to have confidence in beating anyone when throwing out that cast of bad news bears on the hill.

True, our bats have been on fire but we can't expect Braun and Prince to carry the load every night.

How are we still in first place?

FPMKE said...

Rubie, my erudite friend, I like how you said that it was you "favorite Owen Wilson military/action..." movie. For an Owen Wilson flick, it was a pretty decent movie.

E-money... Flower Power = Lilly... couldn't come up with anything creative. I suck.

Devil's Threesome said...

I say we have a 1-3 weekend. The Cubs are struggling quite a bit, but the Crew's pitching worries me.

Master Reid said...
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Master Reid said...

Now that I'm done paging through my thesaurus, I can weigh in.

I say 3-1, Fuck the Cubs. They aren't overly impressive right now by any stretch. We hit better against big name guys than we do against no-namers anyways. And we generally play well down at that crumbling relic that they call a stadium too.

PS(I reserve the right to turn off optimism mode if we don't get off the deck in this afternoon's game)

FPMKE said...

I like Reid's optimism... depsite the fact that the bats ended up falling silent today.

I'll be satisfied with a split.

EMoney said...

Optimism is for the hippies....join the REAL world.