Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big East Opponents Announced!!!

It's one of the best days of the year! The MU Big East opponents have been announced! Details are below. We'll have a heck of a home slate. Potential roadies include Cincinnati, DePaul, Seton Hall, St. John's and Villanova. I'm happy with the schedule, should be a very fun home slate.

Home: DePaul, Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rutgers, USF, Villanova

Away: Cincinnati, Connecticut, DePaul, Providence, St. John’s, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia

Mirror Opponents: DePaul, Providence, Villanova


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

the home games look awesome...we'll need as many of those games at home as possible

Rubie Q said...

Why are we mirrored with Nova two years in a row?

Devil's Threesome said...

Augustinians are evil (relatively) and must be destroyed!!

I don't know why we have Nova again. The scheduling would confuse me if I didn't already have expectations that it would confuse me. We seemed to be on the verge of a good rivalry with Pitt, but that's been neutered the last 2 years (now 3) b/c they haven't been a mirror opponent. The same can be said for UL and ND.

Rosiak pointed out that this year will be the first that we don't play at Freedom Hall since 96-97.

EMoney said...

Very favorable indeed! I thank the BE committee for finally giving us a break after the past 2 years where we took it up the a$$. Home schedule looks entertaining.

Expectations??? I honestly don't know what to think. Part of me expects a losing season considering we have 7 newcomers and 0 centers with experience. The other part of me remembers the frosh year of the Big 3 coupled with the talented senior Steve Novak. This class could be just as talented if not better. Combine that with great play from Lazar and a favorable schedule could lead to a winning record in BE play. Realistically, however, I suspect an 8-10 season. Too many new faces.....too little time for them to gel.

Roadies - I WILL be going to the Cincinnati game. If anyone is interested in joining me, by all means. Also, I was hoping we would be playing at Nova in the near future considering a good friend of ours will soon be moving north of Philly in the fall. That being said, I might try and make that a roadie this season if the schedule plays out nicely (if horsecock will allow it of course).