Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bill Hall Being Sent To Live With Nice Farm Family Upstate.

And, according to Tom Haudicourt, Billy Brew says he asked to be sent to AAA so he could work on his swing. (Also: Hall says he's been taking the best batting practice of his life, which, as best I can tell, is the equivalent of saying that you've had a phenomenal week jerking off. Dude, who fucking cares if you're hitting the shit out of the ball in BP? You haven't done squat in game action for three goddamn months.)

If the whole "I asked to be sent down" thing is true, you just signed your own death certificate, m'boy, because there's no way in hell you're getting called up until rosters expand in September.


FPMKE said...

I appreciated the "jerking off" simile... gave me a good chuckle.

Master Reid said...

Dammit, This is not how I wanted this to go down. I wanted it to go something like this:

The team says, "Billy, you're going to Nashville whether you like it or not." And then Billy would say "Fuck you! I ain't going to no Nashville, I'll just take my release." And then the team says "Ok, here you go, here's your walking papers. We printed them in triplicate just to make sure you can never lose them and try to come back. Buh-bye!"