Wednesday, July 15, 2009

D3's 10 Best List

Here's my list. They don't have to be annual, but these are the events that I look forward to the most.
  1. First weekend of the NCAA Tournament - there's a reason I always take these days off work and played hookie as a youngster, the NCAAs rule
  2. First weekend of the college football season - the world's best sport and I only get it 14 days out of the year. The only thing keeping this from #1 is that the Week 1 matchups are usually pretty weak
  3. Marquette - Wisconsin - I hate me some rodent!
  4. MLB Opening Day/Brewers Home Opener - even if they aren't on the same day, I count them as one
  5. Marquette Madness - the opening game is usually a dud and this event is fairly anti-climatic, but it's the closest thing we have to a college basketball kick-off
  6. January 1 - it used to be so much better, but they moved several games
  7. Winter Olympics - Summer Olympics suck
  8. Marquette Schedule Announcement Day - I fucking LOVE to dissect the schedule and I anticipate this all summer. Yes, I live a sad and meager existance
  9. Super Bowl - I hate the NFL, but the Super Bowl has been great over the last 10 years, the commercials are fun and I love the eating!
  10. College World Series - the Nebraska homer in me comes out

I've really reduced my sports watching to three sports: college football and basketball and MLB. Nothing else really interests me. Tennis could if I gave it more of a try.

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Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

ha! schedule announcement day...that's awesome! when is that this year? are you talking full date/time schedule or just the release of home/away opponents? you see how the Marquette Athletics website is releasing the non-conference games one at a time on their website? LAME!