Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Delusional or Flat Out Lying Meathead

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Get a load of this tripe from Bret Bielema on JSonline.
I'm no Potrykus apologist, but at least he sort of called out the meathead in the article. (Any journalist who's handle on the Scout message boards is "potrykus" and then proceeds to use the platform to further fellate Bo Ryan and antagonize MU fans is a true professional).

Bret Bielema believes one of the factors preventing the University of Wisconsin from playing a marquee nonconference opponent during the regular season is the Badgers' home record.

My vote was that UW was a vagina, but I’ll listen.

Bielema reminded reporters Monday during the first day of the Big Ten Conference preseason football meetings that UW is a combined 30-3 at home over the last five seasons.

Impressive or not? Let’s take a look. Of those 33 games, UW had control over 13 non-conference home opponents. Those 13 teams combined for the following:
· 3 D1-AA teams including pesky Cal Poly
· 31-86 record (.265 - not counting the 1-AA teams)
· Zero bowls – nearly half the teams go to bowls every year
· Two winless seasons
· 1 major conference opponent – Washington St
Big 11 Opponents
· 20 opponents, only 5 were ranked at the end of the year
· 2-3 record against teams ranked at the end of the year

Overall opponent record over 5 years – 129-194 (.399).

Congrats on beating up on all of those lunkheads. I’m sure that USC, Oklahoma and company are shaking in their boots at that 30-3 record. This is the perfect Uncle Rico moment.

Meathead: USC is scared of Camp Randall, they won't play us!
Journalist: When did you last speak with them?
Meathead: I don't need to, I just know it, Pete Carroll is a tanned pussy.
Journalist: He's been pretty successful at USC...
Meathead: Want to watch me bench press 300 lbs while doing a beer bong?

"That really becomes evident when we try to schedule nonconference opponents and we try to go after a certain caliber of opponents," Bielema, 28-11 in three seasons as UW's head coach, said of the Badgers' home record since 2004. "In the beginning they start to get intrigued and they are interested in coming.

Is that why you backed out of the Va Tech series in 2008-2009?

“But when we start to talk about home-and-home…all of a sudden it's not as good a deal as they thought."

Those UW fans who want to see the non-league schedule upgraded probably won't buy that argument.
They know that none of UW's three home nonconference games in 2009 - Northern Illinois, Fresno State and Wofford - are against a team from a Bowl Championship Series league.
UW has played just one regular-season nonconference game against a team from a BCS conference in the last three seasons. That was against visiting Washington State, from the Pacific 10, in 2007. [Pitiful]

Pacific 10 members Arizona State and Oregon State are scheduled to visit Madison in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Since 2004, Arizona State is a combined 38-24 and Oregon State is a combined 40-23.

During Barry Alvarez's tenure as UW head coach, the Badgers played home and away against schools such as Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina and West Virginia.

The Badgers swept Arizona (in 2002 and '04), North Carolina (2003 and '05) and West Virginia (2002 and '03) and split with Oregon (winning in 2000 and losing in 2001).

In the past two decades – UW has played 11 non-conference games against Big 6 schools. Obviously, they are a big time program, Camp Randall is the best, jump around!

Colorado whipped UW in 1994 and '95, by a combined score of 98-24.

I really enjoyed those games. Big 8 pride, baby!

UW's last Big Ten title came in 1999. The Badgers' nonconference schedule that season featured home games against Division I-AA Murray State, Ball State and Cincinnati.

And they lost to Cincinnati.


EMoney said...

Well done D3, I enjoyed that thoroughly! All of us would love to see UW play some legit games in the non-conference portion of the schedule, but even if they aren't (and they will never), the simple fact that this joke shop is running the show and ruining all of the work that Alvarez did is is quite entertaining imo. So I'm pretty much gonna sit back and enjoy the show.....that is watching UW win their 3 stellar non-conf games, ~3-4 games against the likes of Indiana, Northwestern, and Iowa, followed by the mass celebration of becoming BOWL ELIGIBLE!!!! Jump Around!!!!

Rubie Q said...

If I remember right, that first Colorado game came after King Barry led the BADgers to their first Rose Bowl in 837 years. And all the Bucky-ites were crowing about what a great team they had coming back, and how they could possibly make a run at back-to-back Rose Bowls -- and then the Buffs smacked them down to the tune of 55-17. It was glorious.

Devil's Threesome said...

That '94 CU team had Rashan Salaam, Michael Westbrook and Kordell Stewart. And don't forget about the next year. CU rolled into Madison for a night game and lit up the Badgers, 43-17. Those were some damn good CU teams in 2004 & 2005, but NU beat them both by a combined score of 68-28.

Rubie Q said...

I'm confused -- are we talking the '94 and '95 Colorado teams, or the '04 and '05 Colorado teams? 'Cuz you referred to both in your comment.

Devil's Threesome said...

1994 & 1995 teams, I'm dumb.