Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Where is everybody? The Brewers are collapsing, Favre hangs up his spurs (for the next week, anyway), there's talk of trading Weeks for Jarrod Washburn ... and yet, the Buffet sits silent.

Was it something I said?


Devil's Threesome said...

Apathy warshed over the D3. I gave up on the Crew weeks ago.

Too much other shit going on from work to the pending nuptials to new place. Also, college footbaw is 36 days away!! [sound of guns firing]

EMoney said...

You read my mind Rub's. The Buffet has turned into more of a head to head debate rather than a roundtable discussion of late. I was beginning to think that my right wing views were driving away our loyal contributors.

Dday is fast approaching D3! What's on your mind more...the wedding or college football? Also, I too have given up on the Crew. Battleship sunk! Hopefully Melvin doesn't try to pull off any last minute hail mary's and throw away another one of our top prospects.

Master Reid said...

After taking in last night's debacle in person I have a few takes on the crew that I'll try to get to later today (time permitting).

As for Ol' No. 4... I'll believe it when the regular season ends and he hasn't suited up for any team. If Vinny Testaverde can be coaxed outta retirement 2 or 3 times to bail out some team in QB need, I see no reason why Favre won't be just as easily tempted.