Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Karma Catches Up With Ryan Dempster's Jackassery.

Let this be a lesson to all you kids who would consider trying to hop the dugout railing to celebrate an easy, six-run victory: karma doesn't look kindly on that shit. Ryan Dempster is out for at least a month after breaking his big toe while attempting to celebrate the Cubs 8-2 win over the Brewers on Sunday.

The best line in the Trib's write-up, though, is this one:

The Cubs can't rush Dempster back before he's fully healed, knowing the consequences. In 1937, pitching legend Dizzy Dean broke a toe after being hit by a line drive off the bat of Earl Averill in the All-Star Game. He tried to come back too soon, altered his pitching motion, developed bursitis and never regained his fastball, turning into a junkball pitcher.

Yep, I'm sure there are a bunch of people on the Cubs training staff who remember the problems they had when they rushed Dizzy Dean back. They're all over 100 years old, and they're legally blind, and they drink their dinner through straws, and they're terrified of airplanes and aliens coming to harvest their organs ... but still -- they remember.


FPMKE said...

There was a great shot on the Trib website of Dempster on the ground and a little kid in the stands pointing and laughing.

Devil's Threesome said...

Did Bert Sugar write that column? It couldn't have been Beano Cook b/c he abhors America's pastime.