Friday, July 3, 2009


My head hurts from drinking WAY too much Old Style.

I think the JSonline article "Pow! Right in the kisser!" McDouche pitched a Suppan-esque 1st inning giving up a 3 run dinger to D Lee... who then proceeded to hit a Grand Slam later in the game.

I have to say, the Brewers contingent went ape shit when Big Mike Cameron hit his 2 run dinger (that one just barely made it to the 2nd row of left field) and for a moment I thought we had a chance. But, aside from Prince's dinger, the rest of the game was total shit. The only saving grace was that the shalacking was so bad that even the Cubs fans felt bad for me after the game. I met the heir to the Morton Salt fortune and he bought me drinks... that guy loves Dewars and water.

Notes on things I hate about Wrigley Field:
1) Obstructed views - any seat past row 20 is total shit with I-beams blocking the view. I could see righty batters but had to lean over to see lefties.
2) Douchebags... lots of them.
3) Urine troughs
4) Scoreboard technology... lack there of.
5) Pink sports-related items.

That sums up last nights love affair with Wrigley Field.

Time to start pre-gaming for Soup vs. Big Z.

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