Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Is Why It's Nice To Have Jason Kendall Around.

Sure, his batting average won't sniff .260, and his slugging percentage will be around .350 (edit: that number, apparently, was exceptionally generous, since Kendall's currently slugging .283), and he'll never ask out of a game, even when he's beaten up and could probably use a rest, but, if Kendall wasn't on the team, you wouldn't get quotes like this.

Asked what he said to Pirates Cunt-Nugget Supreme Jeff Karstens after Karstens got drilled to lead off the eighth inning and started barking at Chris Smith, Kendall responded:

"I just told him to go to first base or go to the pitcher," Kendall said. "It's baseball. There's no need to sit there and talk and this and that."

As David Bowie would say: that's Old School Rules right there, baby. Take your base, or go throw hands with the pitcher. I don't much give a fuck either way, but don't just stand here talking about it.


Master Reid said...

I didn't actually see this happen, because I had lost interest in the game, and had been sucked in by the bass fishing game at CHG. But when I first heard about it from Mrs. Reid, my first question was "Really, did Kendall's adamantium claws come out?" To which she replied "Pretty much." Awesome!

Rubie Q said...

And the fact that Kendall kept calling Joe Kerrigan "Dave Kerwin" -- even after being corrected -- in the post-game interview is just fucking priceless.

I really, really hope that Jason Kendall starts calling everybody he doesn't like "Dave Kerwin."

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I love the tag.

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