Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your Monthly Tony Gwynn, Jr. Update.

About a month ago, Tony Gwynn, Jr. was the toast of the baseball world: after being freed from the insufferable prison that is the Milwaukee Brewers organization, Li'l Anthony came on like a bat out of hell for the Padres. His high water mark was June 21, when his slash stats stood at .348/.439/.467. In fact, TGJ's blazing start was so good that it caused an otherwise reasonable journalist named Tom Friend to temporarily lose his mind and write this.

And now, we present Act II, which we'll call: "Regressing to the Mean."

Since June 21, TGJ has gone .240/.291/.312, with 21 strikeouts and a single stolen base.

And yet: I am certain that the loud, vocal minority of fans who thought TGJ was Christ, Gandhi, and Ted Williams combined still will tell you that TGJ should be the Brewers centerfielder. There's just no convincin' some folk.


Master Reid said...

Speaking of Teddy Ballgame, I DVR'd the HBO special on him last night. I'm super excited to get home and watch it. Has anyone seen it yet?

Oh, and TGJ is the best leadoff man in ALL of baseball. Don't you be blaspheming.

JD said...

I know we got a shitty player back for him in Jody Gerut but Gwynn sucks almost as bad. It was a wash of a trade.

Devil's Threesome said...

As previously document, Gerut is worthless, but at least we don't have to hear that he should be playing on a daily basis from MKE's 16 Brewer post-game shows.

"I'm more of a small ball guy myself..."
"That stupid music guy needs to stop playing Hava Nagila"
"Melvin needs to trade for Matt Cain"

EMoney said...

In spite of his poor 4 week run from June to July, he is still batting .290. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be 3rd highest on the club?

Rubie Q said...

You're wrong.

Braun: .317
McGehee: .314
Lopez: .306
Fielder: .303
Counsell: .301

Devil's Threesome said...

Wow, Rubie dispenses some blog justice on the newlywed.

That also reminds me that Counsell & McGehee have been very good this year. What's McGehee's contract situation? I want him back next year as the super-sub that Bill Hall was several years ago. Stupid UWM fans and their love for Bill Hall...

Rubie Q said...

McGehee's a rookie. We control him for the next five seasons, I believe.

Devil's Threesome said...

I thought he played some with the Cubs or someone else, but am probably wrong and too lazy to look it up. I hope we have him for 5 years. If he's a flash in the pan, we lose nothing. If he pans out, we get a solid, cheap contributor.

Rubie Q said...

You're right -- we Rule 5'd him from the Cubs. But, according to Cot's, he's got .028 years of Major League service.

EMoney said...

1. You can't include Lopez on the list considering he's been with us for 2 weeks.
2. Mcgheheheheheeee has like 50 less at bats than Gwynn so that could change in the blink of an eye.
And 3. Counsell gets points taken away for wearing a sweater tied around his neck at the Whitefish Bay Yacht Club.

Gwynn Wins!

Rubie Q said...

How 'bout we try a semi-meaningful stat on for size?

TGJ has an OPS of .736 right now.

That'd put him seventh on the Brewers, behind Fielder (1.011), Braun (.963), McGehee (.895), Cam (.824), Counsell (.801), and even Hart (.770).

Gwynn Fail.