Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bill Hall Headed for the West! He's Headed for Seattle!

Uniform of destruction!

Well, I feel obligated to report that Billy Brew is now a member of the Mariners.

The Brewers received pitching prospect Ruben Flores. After news results, a Google of "Ruben Flores" revealed that he imports flamenco guitars and sings "Latin Love Songs" at Joe's Pub. But seriously, Flores is 3-2 with a 4.39 ERA in 44 relief appearances this season. The Brewers will eat a significant portion of Bill Hall's salary in the deal but be rid of (in body) what has developed into a major albatross (see aslo: Wes Helms).

Now if only the Crew can find a team willing to take Jeff Suppan.... hmmmm.

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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Never gave you props for the RBF lyric. Nice job!

Uniform of Destruction