Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog-Off Recap and Round 2 Announcement...

Congratulations to Moongoose McQueen for "winning" round 1 of the First Annual Quevedo at the Buffet Blog-off in record time of 1 day, 23 hours, and 18 minutes. This means Kenosha Mustache is banished by management and is the first entrant into The Land of Wind and Ghosts Supreme Elimination Pool of Death which will occur in early September.

Round 2 is a battle between current non-contributors but members who have been valuable members of our blog over the past few months.

You are a Baffoon (nominated because even though he's a regular commenter he has yet to request contributor status which would allow for him to start posts of his own; he was expected to provide much insight into how awesome Chuck Norris is, offensive line play, and just how realistic the education of Malcolm in the Middle's eldest son Francis is.


Ice Fishing with Kirby (nominated because even though he came up with one of the funniest blog names ever he's just been a royal pain in the ass to all those associated with the blog by his lack of participation and 5-year old temper tantrums when criticized for it (see last first blog-off comments); he was expected to provide much insight about grilling and all things Minn-a-SOTA.


Rubie Q said...

Not to quibble, but Baffoon can't actually start a post, since he's not a contributor.

Good YouTube clip, though.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said... bad!

i'm rooting for Kirby, the way the he and the blog broke up just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Devil's Threesome said...

Kirby and the blog had a torrid winter romance, more of a one night stand actually. He hasn't been able to get going after shooting that big early load. I do still blame him for Paul Wellstone, though.

Ice Fishing with Kirby said...

The break-up wasn't my fault. And those sweeties looked damn good. Fucking Seth Green won't allow the sweeties.

Rubie Q said...

So ... Kirby wins the blog-off two days after quitting the blog on a post that called out two guys -- who weren't Kirby -- for not posting on the blog.

Some might say that's odd. I say: that's biz as usual at the Buffet.

Devil's Threesome said...

Also, Kirbs comes back with a funny-ass comment - bravo my hot-dish loving friend, bravo.

"Don't flush your feminine products on account of the septic."

FPMKE said...

I don't think I can ever have sex again after watching that...

Welcome back Kirby.

You are a Baffoon said...

At school all day and no access to internet has not helped me in this blog-off whatsoever. I leave you then with a quote from the real Chuck Norris.

"In America the schools have become too permissive, the kids now are controlling the schools, the tail is wagging the dog. We've got to make a change there and get it back to where the teachers have control of the classrooms."

Chuck Norris